April 12, 2019

We are en-lightenint UP!

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I notice that many spiritual students appear to have a false belief that deprivation is somehow more spiritual. I’m pretty sure that Buddha’s whole life taught us that the middle way is the faster path to awakening.

In my family, my grandparents were young during the depression. Then they went through WWII and the rationing, blackouts and other challenges. Lack and limitation became a way of life in many ways. Most of my grandparents grew up with either the threat of poverty and starvation or the ups and downs of financial solvency.

In my family, we’ve never felt comfortable with extravagance. It seems somehow shameful or wrong. I know this is a false belief.

In my family, we’re hard workers. We enjoy working and we enjoy playing, too. What I haven’t seen is a lot of is self-nurturing. Yet that’s something I’ve learned is essential to my awakening to my divinity. I have had to teach this to myself.

The more I walk this path of awakening, the more clear I am that we don’t have to crucify ourselves, and we don’t have to live deprived of Joy and pleasure. Self-nurturing is part of my active spiritual practice. Self-care is required for my awakening and Ascension in the Light.

Self-Love is part of the program in attaining Enlightenment.

While some spiritual students have a deep aversion to pleasure due to a fear of be coming addicted to pleasure, that doesn’t mean that pleasure is bad. Let’s just not make it a false idol. Let’s not pursue pleasure for the sake of pleasure, because that really is a huge distraction and detour from awakening.

It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body and not find pain.
~ A Course in Miracles

Have you had enough pain yet?

This doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the physical. I Love doing yoga and working out, and enjoy delicious food, and sex, and a good massage, and all kinds of things in this world, but that’s different than seeking for pleasure. En-joying is different than pleasure seeking.

Joy is a natural experience when we’re living from our heart.

The greatest Joy comes from knowing ourselves as God. Since we are the Presence of God in our own life, let’s nurture and cherish ourselves into our remembrance of that fact.

Now is the time to leave the aversions behind, and to step into the present moment victorious and free! Self-nurturing is caring for the Christ within. That’s something we can all celebrate!

The crucifixion is over, if you choose it.

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