Faith Matters

April 30, 2019

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I’ve had a number of conversations with people this week. In fact, trust and faith are among the main things that I support people in developing. Life is so different when we can truly develop an unshakeable faith.

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Ashleigh Nichole King who is offering a speaker series about cultivating faith along with Jonathan Magor. I really admire what they’re doing. People of all faiths can develop faith in the One Spirit.

Ashleigh and Jonathan have named their series:

Faith Matters: Discover How to Win in Life with God’s Direction!

I’m grateful I can share the series with you, and there’s no charge to participate!

In this VIDEO speaker series we discuss the importance of our faith in all areas of life: marriage, parenting, business, health, scripture, rising above and learning to succeed in REAL LIFE.

Plus! Experts that specialize in unique, effective health practices. This is about fulfilling your mind, body and soul. Get EXCITED and be ready to learn how these faith-full people have learned to feel happier and healthier!

You’ll receive access to my interview and all the others in the series when you click here:

Register now to get the whole series.

In addition to all that awesomeness, the experts are giving away all kinds of FREE STUFF! You definitely don’t want to miss this life-bettering opportunity!

Together, let’s make the world a more loving experience, starting with ourselves! As I said to Lisa Natoli and Bill Free the other day – I fully intend to change the entire world by changing my mind about it. Herein lies the Peace of God!! This is how we demonstrate the power of Love!

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