April 26, 2019

OMG! Kittens are so completely lovable!

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Things are changing super fast now. We are so blessed with the constant changing we see in the world. The ego/personality would like to latch onto things and keep them the same – or travel back in time. The ego thinks that “Things were better when ….” — fill in that blank.

I don’t wish to go back. Not a minute, not a day. There are many a choice I’ve made that I can see was not the most loving, not the most well thought out choice. There have been millions of choices where I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, if only.

I’ve trained myself to stop looking back, and I really don’t reminisce much at all. I evaluate how I can do things better, but I don’t ruminate on them. I don’t judge myself for my errors, but I do wish to learn from them. I can’t learn from my errors if I’m judging myself for having made them, this I know.

We can train ourselves to interrupt the patterns of drifting into the past and looking for mistakes. It’s really not helpful. It’s far more valuable to look for the opportunities that are right NOW and/or coming right up.

I’m at the point where I can see that there’s an underlying perfection. A Divine Order that’s inescapable. A Course in Miracles tells us that God’s Will is our will. There is no separate will. Only One life, One mind, One will. And, therefore, there’s noting to fear, because God’s Will is always for us.

God’s Will is our salvation.

Even if we have deep hidden fears that God is out to get us, we can rise above them and let them dissolve and resolve permanently by choosing to affirm that everything is for us and nothing is against us. I have found this to be very valuable.

When I’m surfing the changing and shifting energies and circumstances, I hold fast to God’s will in my mind and then I feel blessed, no matter what comes.

I’ve been willing to accept that even in the things I think I do not want and would like to avoid, there’s a blessing in there for me. All of life contains a blessing for me. Nothing is against me as long as I’m not against anyone or anything.

I’m for the loving expressions that bring change.

I seek not to change the world, but to change my mind about it.

I let Spirit do the heavy lifting.
And I rely upon the kindness of everyone I encounter to help me keep my balance!

Professional Trainings Are Coming!

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