April 29, 2019

Me and Lisa Natoli

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I feel so blessed. On my way up to Maine, I got to spend the afternoon, evening, and morning with my dear friends, Lisa Natoli and Bill Free, and we talked up a storm. Three people who Love God talking about their favorite topic and enjoying every blessed minute of it.

Even though we’ve only gotten to know each other in these last few years, we are as old friends, because although the details of our history are very different, our journey is much the same. We’ve all had to learn the same lessons, although in unique ways.

Talking with hundreds of people as a Spiritual Counselor and teacher, I learn their journey of awakening, and although it’s often quite different from mine logistically, it’s the same lessons.

This is why A Course in Miracles daily Lessons can work for all of us.
We all learn the same lessons.
And humility is #1.

Without humility, the door to inspiration remains closed.

Humility comes from an awareness of Unity and nothing else.

Without an awareness of Unity, there is no learning.
All learning is blocked by thoughts of separation.

We cannot hold that we are separate and different and progress on our spiritual journey.

We can learn humility through being humiliated or we can learn it through willingness. It’s our choice. We have the free will to choose how we would like to learn, but not what we will learn. That is the message of A Course in Miracles.

I’ve decided to stop learning through suffering and to learn mostly through direct insight, and I am still learning through experience but it’s happening less and less. And so that is why I feel a quickening.

Humility is the first lesson.
Humility is knowing that no one is better and no one is worse, because all are One.
Not equality, but Unity.
We are not equals, we are One.
There’s the understanding we must be willing to have in order to proceed further. Willingness is all that is required.

I used to have such hubris. My life has gotten so much better with my development of humility. I felt intensely humiliated and ashamed, and that brought me to humility – but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose it. We can be led and guided by Spirit.

That’s why 11 years ago, I created a boot camp class called Family Freedom. The very first time I offered it, shortly after my mother’s passing in 2008, people also had amazing and miraculous healing. I realized that the curriculum was really all about applying the ACIM principles in a way that brought freedom from fear, and so I’ve continued to work on this class and update it and now I call it Finding Freedom From Fear.

This class is so powerful and transformative that it’s also a requirement for my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program. (My next training will be in October.)

I haven’t offered this class in six months, but I’m thinking of offering it soon. I’m thinking of doing something special next time I offer it so that people can do the class with a friend or family member, as there is definitely strength in joining with a partner. If you’d like to be on the waiting list so you can join me next time I offer it, you can go here to sign up for the waiting list and I’ll keep you posted.

Finding Freedom From Fear waiting list sign-up

Professional Trainings Are Coming!

This October, I’ll be offering another Teacher Training for those who wish to learn How to Lead & Create A Workshop, including certification to teach my Forgive & Be Free Workshop. I’ll also be offering my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive which is part of my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program. Look for an announcement soon!

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