April 27, 2019

Thank you for your companionship on this journey home!

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A Course in Miracles helps us to heal our mind of insanity by cultivating sanity and by recognizing the insanity and seeing that we have choice.

“This is an insane world, and do not underestimate the extent of its insanity. There is no area of your perception that it has not touched.”
Let’s just say, for a minute, that the entire world is insane, and that we, too, have lost our perspective (ACIM says pain is a wrong perspective) and we’ve fallen way down the rabbit hole. From deep inside the rabbit hole we decide, “I could choose Peace instead of this.”

It’s like the moment when the Prodigal Son, having wandered off into a far land, squandering his inheritance with high living and pursuit of pleasure, finds himself living on a pig farm and realizing that the pigs eat better than he does. In the lowness of that moment, the Prodigal Son realizes that he would have a better life as a servant in his father’s house. He decides to head home where, as we all know, he’s greeted with a wonderful welcome, open arms, celebration and Joy!

Although he “squandered” his inheritance, this is not an issue for his parents who are so grateful he has returned.

Our Mother-Father God’s Kingdom is Infinite Abundance, and no matter how much we have squandered, our return home is celebrated with Joy.

It’s that decision to return home, to be a servant in our Mother-Father God’s house that means so much. The Prodigal Son’s decision is the turning point in his journey. His decision is the thing that ends the madness and starts the journey home to happiness.

Now, when he returns, he knows that he is truly loved and accepted. There’s no condition to his parents’ Love. The Son has been on a journey and seen and experienced many things. He can now appreciate how wonderful it is at home and be content there.

As soon as we’re ready to head home, we can make that decision and the Higher Holy Spirit Self will do the rest. We can rest our mind in the Spirit and our life becomes so much easier. And that’s a return to sanity!

I’m heading home – I’m on my way. I’m glad we’re traveling together – your companionship makes the trip so much sweeter! Thank you!

Professional Trainings Are Coming!

This October, I’ll be offering another Teacher Training for those who wish to learn How to Lead & Create A Workshop, including certification to teach my Forgive & Be Free Workshop. I’ll also be offering my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive which is part of my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program. Look for an announcement soon!

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