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April 23, 2019

Living our life purpose is a way to find true Joy and fulfillment. It’s available to everyone. Say YES!

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After being a Spiritual Counselor for 19 years and training others to be Spiritual Counselors for 5 years, I’ve learned that a lot of people have their life purpose staring them in the face and they don’t even see it.

Our life purpose isn’t a DOING, it’s a way of BEING. How could it be our purpose in life to DO something when doing things in this world is temporary?

Cultivating a way of being is something that adds value for eternity.

We often invest much of our life in trying to do things that are just avoiding cultivating the inner qualities of Love, compassion, Beauty, Wisdom, Harmony, Wholeness.

We can chase Prosperity, achieve wealth, all the while not understanding or feeling Prosperity.

Our life purpose is written in our soul, and when we tap into it, every part of our life starts to come alive with that purpose.

And then we feel TRULY connected with Spirit.

Can we live our purpose and be unloving, unkind, and lacking in compassion? I don’t think so.

If we’re not feeling connected with Spirit, it’s because we’re invested in the blocks to Love rather than in being loving. We can be more loving. I can be more loving and you can be more loving. It comes from the heart, not from the mind.

If this topic interests you, check out my radio show today! I have been living my purpose for many years now, and it’s the best feeling. I don’t feel worried or afraid and I’m enjoying my life. That’s the value of living my purpose.

It’s my spiritual practice that carried me to this place, and it’s not because I’m a professional spiritual teacher and counselor. I could just as easily still be working in the theatre, film, TV. Effective spiritual practice is HOW I changed my life.

Whatever your career path, whether your retired or not, you can still live your purpose. Our purpose is in the WAY we live our life, not what we’re doing.

Do you feel like you’re living your life purpose or still searching? Please share anything related in the comments section below – I’d love to hear from you! Thank you!

TODAY RADIO SHOW: my topic is Your Life Purpose. You can listen in LIVE on my radio show – click here for details – or you can click here to get the download later at iTunes or Stitcher for Android. All the previous episodes are free at iTunes & Stitcher right now! Transcripts and more are available here: You can subscribe to the podcast and get the show every week automatically on your phone, iPod, iPad or computer. Check it out! And if you enjoy the radio show, will you please write a review so more people find the show? The more reviews, the more iTunes and Stitcher show it to people! Thank you!

Are you interested in joining me? I had so much miraculous healing in my family and in my heart that I had to share it with others. That’s why 11 years ago, I created a boot camp class called Family Freedom. The very first time I offered it, shortly after my mother’s passing in 2008, people also had amazing and miraculous healing. I realized that the curriculum was really all about applying the ACIM principles in a way that brought Freedom from fear, and so I’ve continued to work on this class and update it and now I call it Finding Freedom From Fear.

This class is so powerful and transformative that it’s also a requirement for my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program.

I haven’t offered this class in six months, but I’m thinking of offering it soon. I’m thinking of doing something special next time I offer it so that people can do the class with a friend or family member, as there is definitely strength in joining with a partner. If you’d like to be on the waiting list so you can join me next time I offer it, you can go here to sign up for the waiting list and I’ll keep you posted.

Finding Freedom From Fear waiting list sign up

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