April 4, 2019

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Sometimes people get mad at me. Sometimes people don’t agree with me and become offended that I have a different belief or a different feeling than they do about something. I get it, and it’s alright with me.

It used to be that it would bother me when people didn’t like me or like what I shared. Now, I have learned that kindness and patience are my best tools when someone doesn’t like me.

There are times when people are upset when we don’t share the same preferences or beliefs, and I can tell that what’s upsetting to them is just the very fact that we disagree – no matter what it’s about. People feel threatened when others don’t agree with them. I used to blow up at that all the time.

Sometimes when I don’t share the same feeling, belief or preference, people assume that it means I’m judging their feeling, belief or preference as bad or wrong, when much of the time I haven’t even given it a thought at all.

Some of my very dearest friends and loved ones have had completely different political views than I have – but we have much the same values and we celebrate that. We simply see different means to the end. I don’t need to change them or change their mind. My happiness comes from loving and accepting them.

It can be threatening not to agree with the people you Love. And that difference can seem to cause a real schism. But it’s not the difference that causes the upset, it’s the thought about the difference. It’s the meaning we make of it. And that’s when Infinite Patience can be a real blessing.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “Your patience with your brother is your patience with yourself. Is not a child of God worth patience? I have shown you infinite patience because my will is that of our Father, from Whom I learned of infinite patience.”

When we have Infinite Patience, we’re demonstrating the Kingdom within. That’s why, as ACIM says, infinite patience produces immediate results. We immediately feel more peaceful when we practice Infinite Patience, and those are immediate, tangible and beneficial results.

Life gives us an entire day every day to practice being loving, patient, kind and generous. My goal is to make the most of every opportunity and demonstrate that I know all are worthy of my Love.

The ones I disagree with are my sacred friends come to help me to see, know, and feel more clearly the loving presence of perfection in every moment. What a blessing!

I can judge or I can be loving, but I can’t be both. I choose to be loving more than I choose to be judgmental, and I aim higher every day.

How willing are you to be patient with other people’s opinions and preferences? Let me know in the comments below!

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