April 28, 2019

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I just arrived yesterday in one of my favorite places in the world, Deer Isle, Maine, where my family built a home over 30 years ago. Because my Mom (and Dad) picked out every tile, every knob, door and window in this house, and my Mom passed 11 years ago, this house feels like my Mom. It’s still decorated the way she had it and it’s lovely.

While my mom was so sick in her last couple of years, and then after she passed until 2017, the gardens were fairly neglected, and so I’ve taken that on to restore them and expand them. It’s an interesting mission, especially because now we rent the house in order to be able to afford to keep it.

So for the last few years, I’ve come up here in the springtime to get things ready for the renters. I work many, many hours for a few weeks and then I leave it for the renters, and our family comes up at the end of August when most of the spectacular plantings have gone by.

That’s right, I don’t get to see most of it and the best of it. That’s life!

This will be one of my busiest months of the year, because I have extra projects related to my classes Masterful Living and Finding Freedom From Fear. And then I have a lot of travel for the ACIM Conference in England and the ACIM Conference in Boston, which are both coming right up when I’m done in here in Maine.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to let Spirit guide and direct me, and to trust that others will be Spirit led, also.

That was not easy for me to learn at all. I am a control freak who recovered. I used to need to control everything because I had ZERO trust and faith in Spirit. My learning was painful and repetitive.

Fortunately, all my learning also taught me that I could learn through experience OR I could have a direct revelation and realization of truth. I could remember the truth instead of learning through experience. Now, this is my preferred method.

Living by revelation and realization is so much easier, but it did take great willingness to stop trying to organize, manage, manipulate and control everything in my life.

The hard part for me was developing the GREAT willingness to let Spirit do the work instead of thinking I have to do everything myself. That was one of the most repetitive lessons I’ve ever had. And it was one of the most painful. Fortunately, I made it through to the other side, and now I share what I learned in my spiritual boot camp, Finding Freedom From Fear. And that’s a huge blessing – to be able to share with others in ways that are profoundly helpful.

There was something my ego/personality liked about affirming these things:

“I have to do it all myself.”
“No one will do it as well as I do.”
“There’s no one to support me.”
“When other people do things for me they don’t do it right, or well, and I’m better off doing it all myself.”

I kept coming back to “It’s easier to just do it myself.” That was such a strong belief for me. “Trust no one” was the bottom-line ego thinking for me.

This thinking and my experience was a real burden, because I would experience consistent and repetitive failure. I believed it was “their fault” and that it was all about other people! I thought it was happening TO me.

It took me so long to realize that I was experiencing my projections about them, and that unless they had a strong will to be guided by Spirit, they would be influenced by my strong belief that they would not do their work well enough.

I used to have conversations with my minister friends who had the same problem. We all thought it was about other people!! We all thought it was happening TO us. And we’re ministers!

Through my practice of prayer, in the way ACIM teaches, I became willing to let the false beliefs go. Finally, my prayer was answered: I became willing to take total responsibility for what I was experiencing. I decided to change my mind about it. I was my own answered prayer – of course! Phew!

I began working with this affirmation instead of the other ones:

Wonderful people love to support me and help me with excellence, and I AM grateful to receive their loving support and help. My life keeps getting easier and easier!

The more I worked with that affirmation, the more I began to receive excellent support and lots of Love and help. My life got easier and easier in so many ways. I began to feel genuinely and beautifully supported by Life itself.

It’s about letting the loving support that is always there be received by us. It’s there. Are we willing to receive it?

Now, I feel the love and support CONSTANTLY, and consistently, and fully.
I am SO VERY grateful I could change my mind.

Spirit began showing up in everything because I was allowing myself to receive it and to feel it.

My ego belief was that I got extra points for being better than everyone and for doing everything myself. What my ego-identified self didn’t know is that no one is better than anyone, because we’re all One!

I learned how to tap into the ONENESS for real support and Love and, of course, the VERY best benefit of all was that I began to BE more loving.

I was able to be more loving to myself by using the affirmation of being receptive to the support of wonderful people. And I began to FEEL more loving because I was choosing to BE more loving. Being more loving naturally began to attract more loving people because like attracts like!!

What’s truly been a blessing for me is that I feel so much more myself being in the balanced flow of giving and receiving, and I don’t feel bitter, angry and resentful all the time. I didn’t realize what a habit thinking I was on my own had become for me. I found my way to true Freedom in my mind.

I’ve come to realize that lack of any kind is unnatural. Lack is forced, it’s imposed upon our experience. We think that lack is happening to us, but lack is not the natural order of things. We have to close our mind to the abundance, prosperity and goodness in order to experience lack.

As a minister, I couldn’t tolerate it, because it kept me from really doing my job – which is to discover and demonstrate the flow of Love in all moments. How can I possibly be successful at my job if I don’t allow myself to be in the flow?

There’s only one thing to be in the flow of and that’s Love. Love is Abundance, Wisdom, Freedom, Joy, Clarity, Harmony, Peace, Wholeness, Harmony and Prosperity. If we’re not in the flow of Love, then we won’t feel in the flow of all the spiritual qualities that are life can demonstrate and experience.

Every day I’m becoming ever-more clear that Love is my natural state and all needs are met by Spirit if I’m willing to be the perfect giver and receiver of Love.

I AM the perfect giver and receiver of Love.

That’s my affirmation, it works for me, and I’m sticking to it!
I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in God and come back into our right minds. Together we truly are letting go and letting God.

My life has gotten so much better letting the Love and support in, PLUS learning to be led and guided by Spirit. That’s why 11 years ago, I created a boot camp class called Family Freedom. The very first time I offered it, shortly after my mother’s passing in 2008, people also had amazing and miraculous healing. I realized that the curriculum was really all about applying the ACIM principles in a way that brought freedom from fear, and so I’ve continued to work on this class and update it and now I call it Finding Freedom From Fear.

This class is so powerful and transformative that it’s also a requirement for my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program. (My next training will be in October.)

I haven’t offered this class in six months, but I’m thinking of offering it soon. I’m thinking of doing something special next time I offer it so that people can do the class with a friend or family member, as there is definitely strength in joining with a partner. If you’d like to be on the waiting list so you can join me next time I offer it, you can go here to sign up for the waiting list and I’ll keep you posted.

Finding Freedom From Fear waiting list sign-up

Professional Trainings Are Coming!

This October, I’ll be offering another Teacher Training for those who wish to learn How to Lead & Create A Workshop, including certification to teach my Forgive & Be Free Workshop. I’ll also be offering my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive which is part of my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program. Look for an announcement soon!

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