Allowing the Peace of God

May 25, 2019

Having fun at the ACIM conference in Boston with Laura Campoli.

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I’m having an absolutely wonderful time at the Boston ACIM Conference and the best part is having time with people that I don’t usually get to be in person with. It’s especially great to be with Prayer Partners. Wonderful!

Life is filled with constant opportunities for healing, and I’m so grateful I can see what it’s for most of the time. I am grateful that I’m able to be grateful when most of them are occurring. I’d like to receive each and every one of my blessings as a healing opportunity.

I used to reject so many of my healing opportunities by labeling them as bad and wrong. I didn’t know how much healing I was avoiding!

For instance, I’ve just had a healing opportunity as I sit down to write this. I woke up and made a cup of lovely organic Earl Grey tea in my own giant coffee mug that I’d brought with me, and I went to my little refrigerator (which I had to order special and pay extra for) and everything was frozen, including my organic pasture-raised half-and-half for my tea.

The morning before, I’d noticed that the half-and-half was half frozen, and some of my organic raspberries and blackberries were on the edge, so I turned the fridge down from the middle setting to the lowest setting. You have to laugh that the fridge froze all the fruit, the half-and-half, the hummus, the vegetables even, on the lowest setting.

I paused.
What am I to do now, Spirit?
No attachment.
No upset.
I got guidance to go to the front desk and show them the frozen half-and-half and ask them what they do in situations like this.

They’re working it out. They’ll let me know, and I can talk with them later about it. Breakfast plans are modified. No raspberries, no blackberries, no cherries. Something else will be fine.

They brought me new half-and-half, but of course it’s not organic and not pasture-raised. That’s life.

I bless it all and I’m grateful for healing.

Maybe in a different version of my script I could have been super triggered by it all. If I believed that the contents of my fridge were my salvation, I might likely have felt very threatened. I certainly have had that kind of experience SO MANY times in the past. Now, I really would like to LOVE what is to the fullest in my heart.

The more I live this way, the more I LOVE this life.

If only I could have heard that message many years ago when I hated my life.

What a blessing that I didn’t have to make anyone wrong.

And here’s another thing. When I first arrived, the wonderful bellman, Steve, helped me get all of my things to my room – and there were a lot of them, because I knew I’d be camping here for 5 days. Plus I had 6 boxes of flyers, and bookmarks, and things to hand out that went into storage because there was no room in my tiny room. Steve ordered the fridge for me at 3 p.m., and at 9 p.m. it still hadn’t arrived. I called and checked on it, and it immediately came.

When I went to the front desk this morning to share what happened with the frozen foods, I had the thought to tell them that I’d had to wait over 6 hours to get the fridge in the first place. That’s exactly the kind of thing I used to do. It’s all part of buying into being a victim, and trying to make people feel guilty and trying to get sympathy. I really don’t wish to do that anymore.

I think the very best part of this story for me is that I saw the temptation to build the victim/sympathy story and I didn’t choose it. When I went to the front desk I was lighthearted and fine, even at 6:30 in the morning.

This course can, therefore, be summed up very simply in this way:
Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Therein lies the
peace of God.
from the introduction to A Course in Miracles

I have asked Spirit to help me to fully know and see this this is an illusion. I’m willing to see the truth of everything in this world – that it is like a video game perfectly designed for our healing, and no matter what we choose, or experience we are still safe at home and the only distance we’ve traveled is in our minds.

Experiences like the one I’ve just had are such gentle teachers. No one has died, only organic raspberries have been frozen. Only LOVE is real and all of my Love is intact. No longer frozen! I am thawing out!

Everything works together for my personal and perfectly timed good and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. So glad to finally be seeing the end of making exceptions!

Where are you making exceptions and still labeling things bad or wrong?
Are you willing to see without exceptions?
Are you willing to practice today?

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