Giving UP Control

May 27, 2019
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I recognize I’ve lost appreciation for how wonderful it is that so many things don’t bother me anymore. I used to be one of those traveling companions that needed things to be my way. I know I ruined times and trips because I was upset when we didn’t do it the way I wanted to do it.

I used to be a “control freak.”

I used to throw temper tantrums. I used to control and manipulate, and now I’m usually relieved if someone else takes charge. I’m not that fussy anymore about most things, but not all things.

It’s a huge load off to be able to be flexible and fluid. I didn’t understand that for the longest time. I couldn’t understand it intellectually, I had to experience it.

For me, I took the controlling and manipulating to extremes,and so I had to crash out with it. I had to hit a bottom where I could see so clearly that I was ruining my life and my relationships, and then I could find the Love in my heart that is my strength, and I could see the value in giving up that habit.

Now it doesn’t matter how long it took me to get there.
I’m just glad that I got there.

When I was trying to control everything, I wasn’t very good at receiving help because I needed to be in charge all the time. I thought I knew how to do everything best.

Now, so many years later, I’ve really learned the benefit of being vulnerable and getting the help of others. It sure wouldn’t work to be a spiritual teacher who wasn’t a good receiver. Plus, I have so many wonderful surprises and new adventures following the lead of other people!

So many blessings have come to me because I stopped trying to control everything. I’ve given UP the control – given it to my Higher Holy Spirit Self, and the more fully I do that, the happier I am and the easier my life is.

Spirit is always teaching us the better way!

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