In the Flow of Prosperity

May 6, 2019
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We can live in a beautiful balance of giving and receiving.

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Very often, I notice that people are willing to work so very hard to earn money when they are feeling financially challenged, and they’ll keep working and working to earn more. Rather than focus any attention at all at eliminating the mental and emotional causes of lack and limitation, most people think that the answer is ONLY more money.

It took me a long time to see that having faith, placing my trust in Love (God) would open up my Prosperity.

The big shift came when I realized that since God is all that there is, EVERYTHING I receive, I receive from God. I had the shift in my awareness, and then came the shift in my life.

Recognizing that EVERYTHING I had or would have came from the unlimited Source (God) helped me to also understand that EVERYTHING I gave, I gave TO God.

There’s only one place to receive FROM and once place to give TO.

I realized that, since there’s just this One – I could stop keeping score. I could give wherever I felt called to give, and not have a thought that anyone owed me anything – including a thank you.

I also realized could receive without thinking that I owed anyone. No strings attached anymore. God has no strings, because God is not a manipulator.

God is unlimited and unprecedented Source and supply – I could, if I chose, learn to receive without limits. How cool is that?

You see, it’s all in the mind.
The flow starts in the mind and then shows up in your life.

Would you like to open up the flow? Here’s a simple tip for you:

If you have strings attached to ANYTHING then you’re not in the flow.

Thinking someone owes you a thank you, or recognition, or even any small amount of appreciation is “giving to get”.  Let it go and open up the flow.

Are there any people in your life that you think OWE you?
If you KNEW that your experiences of lack and limitation were tied to that thought, would you be willing to give it up?

Forgive the debtors and the trespassers in your life to open up the flow of Prosperity in your life. Forgiving yourself is the best place to begin. Self-forgiveness is the key.

You can get my FREE HOW TO GET OVER IT forgiveness workshop and give yourself the gift of unblocking the flow of Love and Prosperity in your life.

When we Love ourselves, we take action to make the most loving choices and that includes eliminating the thoughts that are the cause of our suffering. We can eliminate lack and limitation thinking. It’s much easier than working and working to earn more money that doesn’t do anything to change the underlying cause of our experience.

I’ve learned that I’d rather change my thinking than repeat my problems anymore. I’ve got more productive things to do with my time and energy! Now’s the time for us to rise and shine!

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