May 12, 2019

I am so grateful for my precious Mom and her Love and Light in my life!

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One of the greatest gifts I gave myself was to let go of the blocks to Love in my relationship with my precious mother. My experience taught me the value and power of true forgiveness. It improved the quality of every moment of my life since then.

Sometimes Love is a decision.
We decide to Love and stop withholding.
We can get there through Self-Forgiveness.

Love is constant. It doesn’t come and go like affection, or kindness, or willingness.

Our very nature is Love.
It’s our nature to be constant in loving, and I know that we are returning to that awareness and that way of living and it is what I practice each day.

What I didn’t know when I was growing up is that one of the reasons why I had so many issues with my mother was that she had so many issues with her self and with her own mother.

I had no idea that I could choose Love and be that fulcrum point of Love in our family. I didn’t know that I could heal the generations.

My journey with my mother helped me to really KNOW the power of Love. And forgiveness is a great act of Self-Love.

There is nothing to be guilty for.
Being guilty is withholding Self-Love.
Forgiveness is the only way out of that pain.

Forgiveness liberates us from withholding Love.
Forgiveness is like water to a seed laying on the surface of a desert. With water there is life and with Love there is life.

One person, one seed, can become an oasis.
That’s what I feel happened for me – all because I decided to do the very forgiveness work that I now share. If I hadn’t done my own forgiveness work, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Don’t make anything more important. This is it! TRULY!

I became compelled to FORGIVE EVERYTHING when my Mom got a terminal cancer diagnosis.

My whole life has changed because of my practice of forgiveness.
I love what A Course in Miracles says:

“It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt, as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace. 3 It is as sure that those who hold grievances will forget who they are, as it is certain that those who forgive will remember.” ~ Lesson 68, Love Holds No Grievances

I decided I was committed to remembering my TRUE identity and letting go of the false. That’s the best decision I ever made – and it still rings through my heart and mind today. I failed every day, but I stayed committed. When I failed, I started again.

My mom made her transition in 2008. I made this video in 2012 and I share it with you now with the intention that it might inspire you to a greater forgiveness. If you would like my support for forgiveness, please check out my free workshop How to Get Over It

It was a tremendous effort for me to let go of the ego’s grievances. And it was absolutely worth every bit of it.

No matter where you are in your relationship with your mother, (or anyone) even if they’ve passed on, you can still completely heal the relationship and experience a holy relationship. Truly, your willingness is all that’s required.

It’s your willingness to forgive yourself. Not them.
Forgive yourself for holding a grievance. Start there.
When we hold grievances, we lose our way in the world.
Fortunately, forgiveness is the way back.

There’s no greater gift that you can give to yourself, your family, and the world than to heal the grievances, of this I am certain. If you are truly willing, even a little bit, Spirit will make a way. The more willing we are, the faster and easier it is.

Ultimately we will choose to let the grievances go. That day WILL come, so why wait? Today is the day!

When I had such a healing with my mother, that’s when I got inspired, compelled even, to create a class to share what I learned that actually worked to heal my relationship with my Mom.

That class was originally called Family Freedom and now I call it Finding Freedom From Fear. People have such amazing results with this class. Have the courage to go for it!

I’m doing something different this year. I haven’t offered this class in 8 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT! Don’t put your healing and happiness off 1 more day. We will do the forgiveness work together in class.

My Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual boot camp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love. We’re doing it together!

1st Step is to sign up for a Goal Setting Group Session – these are a gift to you to help you see if you’re actually ready and willing to do this work. There’s no charge – sign up for one now. Finding Freedom From Fear starts June 6. Find out if it’s right for you now with a Goal Setting Group Session.

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Professional Trainings – SUPER Early Bird Special until May 22nd If you think you might like to explore a spiritual career then check out some of my programs like Finding Freedom From Fear and the trainings I offer. I am offering two trainings in October. They are each deeply healing and they are both part of larger professional programs, but anyone can take them.

Right now there are SUPER early bird specials on my How to Lead & Create A Workshop training which includes certification to lead my Forgive & Be Free workshop and then there’s my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive which is a great program for anyone interested in becoming a better listener, cultivating compassion or intuition.

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