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May 29, 2019

What a blast to hang out with Maria Felipe and live our HAPPY!

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When I’m out and about, a lot and meeting new people like I’ve been doing at the two A Course in Miracles conferences in England and Boston, sometimes there’s a funny conversation that arises.

It goes something like this:

“Jennifer, where do you live?”

“I am living wherever I am,” I say.

“Right, but where do you live? Where’s your home?”

“I don’t have a home.”

“Well, where’s your home base?”

“I don’t have a home base. I don’t have a home. I move around.”

“Okay, but where’s your stuff?”

“Why do you need to know where my stuff is?”

It almost always ends with people asking where my “stuff” is. They’re trying to wrap their mind about how I’m managing to live. So, then I tell them that some of my things are at my brother’s home in NJ, and some are at our family home in Maine, and some are in a storage facility in California, and some are in my car, and some of my things are in my suitcase and my purse. That about covers it.

People have a lot of questions about how I live and how long I’ve been living this way. This year I’ve spent time at my brother’s home, our family home in Maine, two different Airbnb’s in NJ, a hotel in NJ, hotel in the U.K., 2 hotels in the Boston area, and a few nights with friends in different places in New England, as well as the resort where we had the “Spring Healing Retreat” and probably some other places I’ve forgotten about.

Between now and the end of June I’ll be in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, California and Vermont.

People often have an envy for my lifestyle, and they say they’d love to travel all over, too, but I’ve been doing this for over three years now, and except for 11 months in Kauai and 4 months in the U.K., I’ve been moving around for 5 years and 3 months.

It’s not my preference to move around. I am a homebody. I’m actually a recluse, in many ways – and it’s an odd combination for me. I am a community builder AND a recluse.

While traveling isn’t my preference, I’d rather be in a house in the woods by the ocean or a lake –

I have learned the healing power of community.
I love spiritual practice in a group.

I used to dislike having to be with other people because I thought they were bothering me.

I used to think that other people’s energy was bringing me down. A lot of people believe this, and it’s actually bold-faced ego B.S. (belief system).

I decided to stop kidding myself.
And I’m inviting you to do the same.

Here’s the truth:
Other people don’t upset us and bother us.
It’s just not true.
Please stop believing that.

What Actually bothers us is OUR beliefs about other people.

And in order to move forward in our spiritual growth – we must forgive ourselves for deceiving ourselves about our upsets and what we blamed on others that wasn’t their fault.

Because when we choose to be unloving and lack compassion, we are causing our own upset.. We we answer the cry for Love with judgment and attack – we will be upset. That feeling of upset is an alarm going off in our Spirit, because we’re choosing to hurt ourselves when we are unloving to another. After all, we’re One with all of our brothers and sisters.

If you couldn’t feel the upset when you choose to be unloving, you’d be in deep trouble spiritually.

Over the years, many people, too many to count, have come to me because they’re desperate to get away from someone they love who is a chronic complainer, or has some other negative mental habit and their belief is that this other person is ruining their life.

I have worked with people who said they hated their spouses and felt their spouses were ruining their lives with their negativity.

What I’ve found, year after year (I’ve been offering Finding Freedom From Fear for 12 years and Masterful Living for 11 years) is that when people get into an active spiritual practice, things change.

For those who are willing to do the inner work of taking out the mental trash and emotional clutter, there’s a major breakthrough to a deeper connection with Spirit and an authentic and powerful commitment to spiritual practice develops.

People are deluded by ego thoughts that all of this inner work and growth is either impossible, it doesn’t last, or it won’t work for them. And that’s exactly how I felt, because I’d tried so many things that were intellectual and not actually helpful.

If we can be convinced that it won’t work for us, we will believe it.
If we can be convinced that we’re especially dysfunctional and things “never” seem to work for us, then that’s where we’ll wind up.

I struggled with this a long time.
I spun my wheels, played small and stayed stuck.
It was painful.
And that’s why I must speak out and encourage others.

This is why it takes such courage to make a change and make a difference in our own lives. This is why ACIM warns us about the fear to look within. It can be a block to Love, and all blocks to Love are impediments to our healing – especially when we don’t understand it. (I did a radio show about this – click the link here to connect to that.)

I truly never imagined that I could experience the healing and transformation I experience now. I never imagined I could feel the Peace I experience now. And that’s why it’s so important to me to encourage others to be willing to dive in, even if you don’t believe.

I’ve been on fire all this Spring.
I really feel it’s so important that we not be distracted and put other things aside to focus on our liberation.

Spirit will always succeed, and we can put Spirit in charge of this.
If you knew you couldn’t fail – what would your spiritual goals be?
Would you put Spirit first?

FINDING FREEDOM starts next week!

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My Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Boot Camp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love. We’re doing it together!

1st Step is to sign up for a Goal Setting Group Session – these are a gift to you to help you see if you’re actually ready and willing to do this work. There’s no charge – sign up for one now. Finding Freedom From Fear starts on June 6. Find out if it’s right for you now with a Goal Setting Group Session.

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