June 28, 2019
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Lord Ganesha, overcomer of obstacles and friend to all Light Workers!

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I’ve had some exceptional experiences calling upon the Hindu God, Ganesha, for help. He is represented as elephant, and he is the remover of obstacles.

Ganesha often hangs out with Lakshmi, who is the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity. They are a mighty pair.

Some A Course in Miracles students might think that it’s strange or wrong to go to a Hindu God for help rather than the Holy Spirit, but we all have our roles in this world. Everyone likes to be helpful.

Around the same time that I came to pick up A Course in Miracles is the very same time that I began to have connections with the Ascended Masters. Ganesha is part of that group of Beings who are here to help us.

“There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly. These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although they are no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon. And they will appear when and where it is helpful for them to do so. To those to whom such appearances would be frightening, they give their ideas. No one can call on them in vain. Nor is there anyone of whom they are unaware. All needs are known to them, and all mistakes are recognized and overlooked by them. The time will come when this is understood. And meanwhile, they give all their gifts to the teachers of God who look to them for help, asking all things in their name and in no other.” M-26.2.

This past spring when I went up to Maine to get the gardens ready at our house on Deer Isle (which we rent most of the year), I had a big project with re-seeding parts of the lawn. I had a plan to bring in new topsoil, lay down seed, lime, fertilizer and then hay on top. This plan also required me watering 2 times a day, and it was still a bit early for planting in Maine.

Most people don’t do much planting before Memorial Day, because there’s still a good chance of frost. But I was going to the U.K. and Boston for the ACIM Conferences there the last two weeks of May, and then the house was rented from the beginning of June straight through. So, I only had the first 17 days of May to get it done. “Let’s get ‘er done,” I said!

On top of my short time frame, the big job and the weather, I also had an obstacle of water. We were having major problems with the well and/or plumbing system, and it seemed like there wasn’t much water, which meant watering the lawn twice per day would be a real challenge. My brother warned me that it would be a big waste of money to try to redo the lawn and I shouldn’t attempt it. He surely seemed to be correct.

Well, despite all appearances, my intuition was super clear to go for it. “Go, go, go and don’t waste time thinking about it.” Plus, my friend, Suzi, had given me a BEAUTIFUL Ganesha statue, so I put Ganesha on the wall above the garden and asked him to oversee everything and overcome the appearance of any obstacle. You can see him here in a recent photo on the edge of the wall. He is the small grey statue.

So, I got to work. I had the soil brought in and laid down the seed, lime and fertilizer, covered it with hay and started to water as best I could. I should have watered MUCH more than I did. I could only water for about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. That’s all I had water for.

We did get a number of rain days, thank you, Spirit! I prayed rain, you better believe it, and we got good rain. I had rain barrels and buckets under the gutter and was using that for other parts of the garden and for flushing toilets. I saved everything I could for the yard.

It took about two weeks, because the temperatures were cool and it wasn’t very sunny, but early on a Saturday morning I finally could see a fine fuzz of green poking up through the hay. YAY! I danced a jig in the yard and ran around in my bathrobe celebrating that it had worked!

This is what the yard looked like last spring:

And this is now:

I’ve had amazing experiences of support from Ganesha and other Divine Beings. I’ll write more about this tomorrow. I like to show tangible proof of things, and share experiences that inspire me to follow my intuition, ask for help from higher Beings who have more Clarity. And I like to prove the power of our mind to overcome the obstacles that seem to appear substantial.

I knew that Spirit could accomplish this goal. I felt it was mine to do. If it didn’t work, I would have learned something valuable, I’m sure. I could feel that my desire to have it done was not my ego. I just knew that it could be done and that the guidance was to do it now.

Beauty is extremely healing. People don’t realize how much Beauty and ugliness affect us. Nothing is more beautiful than nature. Nature in the form of beings, plants, animals and planets. All of it is SO beautiful.

Although I have been working on these gardens for several years now, and putting so much into it in memory of my precious Mother who loved them so much, I don’t spend much time there, and only get to see how things are when my surrogate gardener sends me pictures. Yet, I can feel the effect on the people who rent the house and the healing power of the Beauty that they feel. That’s a gift. I receive it fully and I rejoice. It’s one way that I can be truly helpful, and I appreciate it.

Thank you, Ganesha for your Love and support always so freely given. We dance together in the Light! And so, it is!

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