June 26, 2019
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Arriving back in Vermont, I was greeted with a spectacular sunset over the Green Mountains.

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We can practice a generosity of Spirit that uplifts us all.

We can be supportive to people who are not so supportive of us. We can have compassion for those who are trying to manipulate and control us. We can be clear and caring to folks who are being deceitful. We can turn the tables in a way that’s loving and inspiring.

We can give better than we get.

There are periods where I am traveling and the opportunity to tip the people who are supporting my travels comes up. I can tip the Skycaps and the porters, the waiters and waitresses, and the hotel maids and the cab drivers.

In restaurants, I tend to tip 20% unless something unusual is going on where I might tip more, or possibly less. My baseline is 20%. I tip the Lyft and Uber drivers 20%, too.

I used to give the Skycap $1 per bag that I checked. Then I decided to up it to $2 or $3 per bag. Then, $5 per bag. If a porter is really helpful, I’ll give them $20. I like to leave the maid $5 each day with a thank you note.

I really love the idea that at the cost of, maybe, $200 per year, I can give the kind of tip that feels honoring and supportive to the people I’m engaging with. I can be generous.

The more I share, the more I feel in the flow of Prosperity & Abundance.

A Course in Miracles tells us: “To Have, give All to All.”

To have Love, give Love to All.
To have Abundance, share Abundance with All.
To receive compassion, have compassion for All.

I remember, 20-some years ago, going on a date with a man who tipped the waiter just under 10% and the service had been good. I knew in that moment that this was a one-and-only date. I can be friends with people who are withholding, but it would be challenging to have them as a sweetheart.

That particular dinner was not expensive. Another couple of dollars and he could have tipped well. It’s that kind of limiting behavior I used to experience a lot of. I felt so much lack that I often was counting pennies and feeling parsimonious.

Now I feel in the flow of Love, and I can be generous from the heart because I’m giving from the overflow. I feel well loved and cared for, and am glad to be able to share. It’s one of the reasons why we have so many free offerings here at the Power of Love Ministry.

I challenge you to consider how you can be more generous and get into a greater experience of flow!

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