How to Avoid Healing

June 4, 2019
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It’s not that complicated. We avoid healing when we’re afraid to change. Why would be afraid to change? Because we think the changes would be more painful than the mess we’re experiencing right now. It’s not that complicated, but when we fear change, it can FEEL super complicated even though it’s not.

This is why spiritual healing requires courage. It REQUIRES courage.

A Course in Miracles says, “Your willingness is ALL that’s required.”

Courage and willingness are often one and the same. Courage is possible when we feel the fear but choose our healing anyway.

Courage is possible when we’re so willing to have healing that we’re able to feel the fear and still make the most loving and supportive choice that we can find in that moment.

It’s our willingness to choose Love that actually gives us the courage and strength. It’s so important to both realize and remember that.

Here’s a great way to practice that’s deeply healing.

If you see someone struggling, bless them.
When you would curse someone for doing something you don’t like, bless them.
When you see that person at the gym who looks like they’re having a hard time and they’re not happy, bless them.
When someone refuses to acknowledge you, bless them.
When someone is rude, bless them.

When we can do that, we’re choosing healing.
If you’d like to avoid your healing curse them, judge them, condemn them.

We all get many opportunities each and every day.

Let’s not avoid our healing anymore, let’s maximize it!

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