I AM A Blessing

June 29, 2019

I was blessed by a rainbow my first day in Vermont! Thank you, Spirit!

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On a recent plane ride, before we took, off a baby started to cry. The cry escalated into that really intense cry of absolute desperation and the mother was trying to calm him. We were on a very crowded plane full of weary travelers, and we were just waiting for take-off.

The baby continued to scream/cry and I was praying, calling for the angels to surround and help the mother and child. I used to be one who would complain that my peace was being disturbed and think, “When is that baby going to stop? For God’s sake, make it stop!”

That’s because I used to feel more separate, and so other people were affecting me and I had no responsibility. I was a victim of the world I saw.

Now, I feel an active participant, and I can be a blessing to those around me. I was praying and holding the highest when a man a couple of rows in front found a lollipop in his things and handed it to the mother. So quickly, that baby had the lollipop and there was no more crying the whole flight. Bliss.

I started to think that we could all carry lollipops. Certainly the flight attendants would do well to have them on hand. In case of emergency, offer a lolly.

We can all be a blessing or a curse in each moment, depending on our choices.

I used to be a curse so much of the time, it’s a real joy to realize I can always be a blessing if I’d like to be.

I’m choosing Heaven today.
I’m choosing to be a blessing today.

Let’s be prepared for emergencies by being prepared to be a blessing anytime, anywhere!

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