Wanting vs Having

June 1, 2019

My family surrounds my niece, Olivia - we’re celebrating her graduation from College!

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I am a big Rolling Stones fan. Don’t get me started! I always loved the song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and now I have a whole new understanding of that phrase. I love the song, but not the wanting!

I’ve learned the self-destructiveness of constantly wanting what I don’t have. I’ve learned how it can destroy a person’s life to constantly believe that things should be different.

When I was recently sharing at the ACIM  Conference in Boston, people were bringing their painful beliefs into the Light for healing. Again and again, people were realizing that the pain was in thinking it should be different and wishing it were different.

Pain comes from a perspective of judgments and opinions. When we project our opinions and judgments – the wanting, needing, craving, and shoulds, we are in emotional distress and pain of our own making.

If you’re interested in manifesting a life with more ease, grace, Love, fun, Freedom, Prosperity and Abundance, then let me just say, it is SO much easier than you can imagine. TRULY!

#1 – When we affirm that we want or need something, we’re actually affirming that we don’t have it and we’re pushing it away on an energetic level. I encourage you to release the words WANT and NEED from your usage. It makes a huge difference!

#2 – Usually most people who experience lack think of what they want and then they immediately cancel their receiving it by affirming their belief that they can’t have it, they don’t deserve it, or that it’s hard to get.

I use this phrase: “I’d like to …”

And then I let it rest in the mind of the Infinite. Intentionally, I don’t start figuring out how to get it. I allow what is my highest and best to come to me or for me to be led to it. It’s actually an incredibly simple practice! Try it, you’ll like it! It’s effective AND it’s easy. You won’t believe it until you start to REALLY practice it. When you do begin to really practice it, you’ll start to realize just HOW TEMPTING it is to cancel out your desire with thoughts of lack and limitation. Be mindful!

I can’t tell you how many people will defend their lack and limitation. I share what I’ve learned and they immediately jump in with “Yes, but you don’t understand my situation …” Then they explain how the world of effects is organized to defeat their Abundance.

The world of effects is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs. How can the world possibly be the cause of ANYTHING?

Realizations like this one are the DIRECT result of spiritual practice. That’s why I have these practical tools in my classes. When we work them backwards and forwards, and apply them to our life in a consistent way, there is consistent healing and revealing of Joy comes naturally.

If you’re interested in being ALL-IN with me, consider joining me next week for Finding Freedom From Fear! Today is the last day for the Early Bird price!

FINDING FREEDOM starts Thursday!

I haven’t offered Finding Freedom From Fear, my Spiritual Boot Camp class with ACIM principles in 8 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT! Don’t put your healing and happiness off 1 more day. We will do the forgiveness work together in class.

My Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Boot Camp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love. We’re doing it together!

Ultimately we WILL choose to be ALL-IN. That day WILL come, so why wait? Today IS the day for us to rise and shine!

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