Don’t Give Up On Your Relationship

July 8, 2019

Hold your heart in a place of renewal and transformation.

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When we give up on other people, we’re also giving up on ourselves. And yet, when people are so disappointing and difficult, it’s so tempting to walk away from them. Giving up, quitting, that’s the easy thing to do in the short run. In the long run, it will become a weight that’s not worth carrying.

So, what to do? I get this question a lot.

Consider this: We’re all one with each other. And, we’re all eternal. Therefore, it stands to reason that our relationships are eternal, as well. So while we can certainly SEEM to walk away and end a relationship in this lifetime, it’s only temporary.

Why settle for a temporary solution that will only make things more challenging in the future? Why build into your future a challenge you’ll have to deal with that will be fermenting the entire time between now and then?

How to deal with it in the present moment? Well, you don’t have to keep talking with the person. You don’t have to connect and relate with them in the visible world. Seek not to change another person, but to change your mind about them.

Very few people are really willing to hold the vision of the highest and best in their difficult relationships. It takes a lot more effort than it does to complain.

Complaining never helps. Complaining makes you a crap magnet. Compassion makes you a LOVE magnet. Which would you rather be?

Hold the vision of a healed relationship, and then let Spirit do the healing. Sometimes this can be REALLY challenging. And, it’s also a way to heal your mind.

If you give up on the relationship, you’re giving up on yourself.

Instead of giving up on the relationship, give the relationship UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Give up your needing, wanting, craving,s and aversions about the relationship. Give up all forms of attachment to the person and the way the relationship “should” be and you’ll have a healing in your heart – but you have to really mean it.

Be willing to hold a vision of healing without an attachment to how it looks.

Focus on how you’d like that relationship to feel – would you like it to feel loving, harmonious, playful, respectful, prosperous, beautiful and more? Hold the vision of that, cultivate that feeling, and give up how you think it should look.

It may take a great willingness, and it may take a while, but then it won’t come back and bite you on the behind, and that’s great! We have other things to do besides recovering from being bitten on the behind!

If you were freaking out or in a rough place, would you wish for SOMEONE to hold the high watch for you? Of course you would. Be that person now!

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