Healing The Body With The Mind

July 16, 2019

Our willingness brings on our healing.

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Can we actually heal the body with the mind? There’s lots of evidence to support that we can. But if so, then wouldn’t all spiritual students have healthy bodies?

A Course in Miracles tells us that ALL healing is at the level of the mind.

The Course tells us that we have to accept that sickness is a decision that we made and, like all decisions that don’t bring us happiness, we can change our mind.

Ah, doesn’t that sound so simple? So why does it seem so confoundingly complex? Is it because we don’t really wish to understand – except on an intellectual level?

Yes, it’s because we don’t wish to understand, and we don’t wish to let go of the meaning we’ve made of things. Sometimes we’re punishing ourselves and sometimes we’re offering others an opportunity to extend compassion.

We may not know what the challenge is for – but we can know that the healing is happening.

I know, and I do mean KNOW, that we can heal the body with the mind, because I’ve seen it, experienced it and that has proven it to me.

Our willingness to have the knowing and to have the healing is ALL that’s required.

There is no other requirement. And sometimes we just aren’t willing until there’s been a lot of pain and suffering.

And sometimes we can’t understand why it is the way it is – all we can understand is that we don’t like it and we wish it were different.

ACIM Workbook Lesson #25 “I do not know what anything is for” has helped me so much. It helps me to realize that I cannot yet see beyond time and space and perceive the cause of everything, and so until then, I can simply rest in “I do not know what anything is for” rather than judge it and think that I do.

To heal the mind about the body requires ONLY our willingness and we can work on that every day. Healing doesn’t take time. It takes willingness. That is all.

I invite you to check out my radio show today. My guest is Kironj Gardner, and she is going to share her story of amazing healing in the body with her willingness to heal at the level of the mind. You will not wish to miss this!!

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