It Is What It Is

July 6, 2019
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We can love it just the way it is, even if we don’t like it!

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One of the great things about all the traveling I’ve done in recent years is that I’m often in unfamiliar territory. Spirit sends me to far off locations to pray and bless, to live and learn. Everywhere I go, I notice that I’m walking a different way than before.

I used to judge everything very intensely. My “hobby” was to compare and despair. Compare and complain was such a constant in my life and it frequently left me feeling bothered, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, angry and sullen. That’s no way to live! Everywhere I went, things were most often coming up short. I learned that the ego gets a satisfaction from labeling things – it’s all part of the big plan for total separation.

When we’re identified with Spirit, it’s natural to appreciate things just as they are. Everything offers a blessing to you when you’re aligned with Spirit. When we’re in tune with the Infinite, we recognize that all things are working together for good, and so whatever is going on is Divine Order revealing Itself.

It takes great learning and willingness to “love what is” as a spiritual practice.

Sometimes we have to love it without really liking it, but even that will shift and change with enough practice and willingness.

I encourage you to make “loving what is” part of your daily spiritual practice.

When you notice you really don’t like something – see if you can simply release the attachment to any preference, label and especially any need to have it be different. Making that a habit will improve your life in ways that you never imagined! And, it costs you nothing!

When you’re willing to change your mind, you open yourself to more Peace and more Prosperity. Those are great gifts to give yourself on a daily basis!
Forgive the debtors and the trespassers to open up the flow of Prosperity in your life. You can get my FREE How to Get Over It forgiveness workshop – it’s a great way to start releasing the blocks and opening up the flow of Abundance – won’t you please share with someone now and open the flow for yourself?

I highly encourage you to consider inviting a friend or loved one over and do the workshop together. It’s always easier and more fun to do it with a friend – and you can plan food and make a celebration of it!

Now is the perfect time to set yourself free with forgiveness!

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