July 11, 2019
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Puppies can be such precious examples of happy learners!

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I make mistakes every day. I can’t seem to help it. Managing a team of people – the WONDERFUL Power of Love Ministry staff — and working with the AMAZING people in class with me, I find that I overlook things. That e-mail goes into drafts and never gets sent. I forget to confirm things. My calendar alarm doesn’t go off and I miss my appointment. I can’t remember if that link I need is in a Skype message or an e-mail or where the heck it is.

It’s a constant stream of SO MANY details. Back in the day, when I was an executive assistant to the VP of Marketing in a MAJOR entertainment corporation, and we were just learning to use a computer, still using Selectric typewriters and phone calls, back when I was typing memos to send through interoffice mail, and faxing and e-mail was still a thing of the future for 99.99% of the Universe, I didn’t make that many mistakes. I was ON IT.

It’s interesting. My days were so full. People on the team were saying, “I’m so busy I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom!”

I’d say, “Do what I do, wear diapers and then you can go when you want to. I’m going to the bathroom right now and you can’t even tell.”

They’d look at me and wonder if I was telling the truth. I wasn’t. But I was SO busy, days were so full. Fortunately, food vendors came right through office, right to your desk on the studio lot, and so I didn’t have to go anywhere for food. The bosses had constant meetings with food that I arranged, and so there was always something to grab a snack from. The hard part was working in the windowless, fluorescent lighting part of the office. Bosses had offices, executive assistants did not.

With the technology we have today, managing this online ministry, we’re accomplishing so much with so few people that I have a challenge to keep up with everything and I make more mistakes.

To me, there’s a difference between a mistake and an error.

An error is when I make a less good choice, such as I choose the red one when the blue one would really work better in this situation. I think of it as a tactical error that I can learn from. That’s different than a mistake.

A mistake can also be thought of as a “mis-take”. It’s a missed opportunity.

Usually a missed opportunity to be loving, to be connected, to be in the flow. Something I didn’t see.

Everything really does work for good when we’re willing to see it correctly. And our willingness truly is ALL that’s required – thank goodness.

Practicing non-judgment, all errors and all “mis-takes” become learning opportunities. I still prefer to learn through direct connection and knowing, and not from experience, AND being able to learn anything at all is a blessing!

We are blessed every day through our learning opportunities!

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