The Trap of Specialness

July 5, 2019
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To have, give all to all!

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Are you in a “specialness” trap and you don’t even know it? It’s easy to fall into. When we feel insecure and unworthy, it’s SUPER easy to fall into a “specialness” trap. It’s part of the ego’s endless patterns of giving in order to get.

When we need for people to think we’re special, then it’s because we’re trying to feel a hole marked “not good enough.”

Fortunately, no one can fill that hole for us. We have to do it ourselves. There’s no other way.

Sometimes we’ll give, and give, and GIVE, and we think it’s because we’re being loving and caring and helpful. But if we don’t feel appreciated for all that giving, then that’s how we know we’re giving in order to get something back in return.

Giving without any attachments or expectations is the kind of generosity of the heart that always multiplies the good and leads us to more Abundance and Prosperity. This is hard for someone to do if they feel that they’re in lack.

Unfortunately, “giving to get” just perpetuates the mindset of lack, which, of course, brings on more experiences of lack.

“Giving to get” always leads to failure. Even if we get what we think we want, we will know that we were manipulating someone to give it to us, and it won’t feel good.

This is why tithing is a Prosperity practice. When we tithe, we’re acknowledging that we’ve already been given. We’re giving thanks for what we already have. Gratitude multiplies the good.

When we need to feel special, we’re actually going to diminish our prosperity by giving in order to get that hit of specialness return.

When we need the special recognition, we’re actually affirming that we’re not good enough without it, and that is a demonstration of belief in lack, which just brings more lack.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can undo the lack and limitation thinking by practicing being generous of heart? Just think! By being generous of heart, we’re getting into the flow of Love, we’re undoing lack and limitation thinking, we’re affirming that we have, AND we’re undoing the patterns of specialness.

This is why being generous of heart is so healing and liberating. And, guess what? It costs nothing.

Being generous of heart costs nothing and brings so much good. I love it!

Have you found sweet and simple ways to be generous? Please share in the comments section below!

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