Courage to Grow

August 25, 2019

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I’ve come to realize that the most important thing I can do with my life is to clear my mind of all the false beliefs. It used to feel so daunting. I believed I couldn’t do it. The task seemed overwhelmingly difficult, and I didn’t feel that I had what it took. Now, I can tell you that the reason I believed that was because I thought I had to do it myself. I believed I was on my own.

I didn’t know that the Higher Holy Spirit Self would do the heavy lifting if I was at least willing.

We were talking about this in class this week and in my podcast episode. Many times, people resist the healing that they MOST DESIRE because it would require them to shift their sense of self-identity.

When someone is identified with being a victim, then stepping into empowerment feels scary. When we’re trying to lose our false identity and step into our power, it can be disorienting.

I remember many years ago in meditation the question came up, “Who will I be without my judgments and opinions? Will I still be recognizable as Jennifer?” It was the moment when I decided I’d rather go through the challenge of learning to live in new territory, without the usual touchstones that give a sense of comfort, than to continue on playing small and living in lack and limitation. It was a bold choice, but I just couldn’t understand to continue on feeling that I wasn’t living my best life.

I’ve learned to feel comfortable with not having the seeming security of knowing how things will go. I’m moving from place to place for years now. Sometimes I’m in a place for a month or two and sometimes it’s less than a week. Some places are familiar and others aren’t. Sometimes I know people there and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I can find the tea I like and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I can find the thing I need and sometimes I can’t.

And, more often than not, for some weird reason, most of the bathroom showers seem to have the same issue: the difference between scalding hot and not hot enough is a micro adjustment. What’s up with that? Why does it have to be like that? And while we’re at it, why can’t the people who make cup holders in cars talk with the people who make the cups? Is that so difficult? Is it rocket science? I don’t think either of these things is so complicated that we can’t get it done! C’mon people!

I’m constantly learning to let go of attachments to things being the way I’d like. It’s been amazingly healing. I’ll just take a cold shower. I’ll get a different cup.

Just this week, I’m staying at an Airbnb. I had to find a place near to where I’m taking this week-long sacred chanting program (check out my blog from yesterday, Sound Current Ecstasy). I needed to find a place that was close to where the event was being held but that would also give me privacy and internet access to work and teach at night. There wasn’t much to choose from.

I found a great place where I’d have a big space of my own and a private bath in a huge house. I usually like to have the whole place to myself or stay in a hotel, but I wanted a kitchen, so I decided to try this Airbnb that had great reviews. The only thing is, I didn’t realize the private bath was downstairs and on the other side of the house from where my area is. It doesn’t feel that private. I have to walk through the office, the living room, kitchen and dining area to get to the bathroom.

In the past, a situation like this would have bothered me, but now I’m just going with the flow. It is what it is, and apparently this is perfect for me right now because it’s what is happening. I’m shifting my identification from being someone who needs privacy. Apparently I don’t need that much privacy. Who knew? Certainly not me. Spirit knew.

I never expected or even believed that I could feel comfortable in many of the situations I find myself in, but I do and I’m grateful. I’m comfortable, because no matter where I go or where I am, I am there with Spirit and I’m never alone.

I have to be willing to let go of my identifications to have the healing I desire.

Here’s why: it’s the attachments in the form of identification that are the cause of all our suffering.

People who are sick pray to be healed, but sometimes, they’re actually not ready to identify as a healed and healthy person. There’s too much they’d have to give up. And sometimes, there’s too much they’d have to take on.

For instance, someone who had life-threatening liver issues came to me for support. They had a lot of healing in their liver of a couple of years and then they came back and shared with me that their family relationships had improved tremendously and they were much happier. Still, the liver issues were persisting and they wanted to know if I thought they could completely heal.

I asked them, “Would you continue to work on your family issues with as much dedication if you weren’t motivated by the threat of dying?” They said “No, probably not.”

I said, “Is it possible you need the motivation of being ill to keep yourself working on your spiritual and relationship growth?”

The answer was, “Yes, I can see that now. Thank you.”

That person “needed” the motivation of the illness to keep them working on their stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but now they’re conscious of it.

Another time, someone with a life-threatening alcohol addiction came to me for help. They wanted to know if I believed they could heal. I did.

I said, “However, once you get sober your friends and family are no longer going to let you off the hook for things because you’re a drunk. You’re going to have to take responsibility for your choices like sober people do. You might not like that. Are you willing to be held accountable for your actions and decisions?”

Long pause. “I need to think about that,” they said.

Yup. We really must think about these things. The person who is struggling with a long time issue of any kind may not want the results they think they want. And I know that sounds insane when someone is severely depressed or in pain, but I’ve seen it many times.

Some people in a miserable marriage don’t shift it because they don’t believe happiness is possible. They’d rather be miserable together than risk being miserable alone – so the chance to be happy alone or with someone else doesn’t come into the picture.

My invitation to myself, and to all of us, is to look deeply at what we’d like to have, live and be. And then, make a list of the new responsibilities and challenges that you’d have to be willing to accept and work with if that change were to occur. Take a long deep look – not kidding yourself or living in fantasy, and decide to go for it or to get help with it.

I’m a big fan of getting help with it. I get help from the Higher Holy Spirit Self and I get help from all kinds of practical resources, including people who are better at things than I am and who can tell me what’s what.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who have suffered tremendously. It takes courage and great willingness to give up the false identity of victim. Sometimes the closer we get the harder it seems. If we think it’s just too hard and we don’t have what it takes, then we haven’t put Spirit in charge. I like to help people turn it over to Spirit and break out of their limited thinking. It was really challenging for me to do it myself, and now that’s why I’m so committed to sharing with others.

The folks in our community are amazing and miraculous and they inspire me every single day!

Real people. Real miracles.

Practicing the ACIM lessons, walking the talk and living the Love, that’s where the healing is generated from. It ripples throughout our life and can bring us happiness each day. If you’d like to some inspiration, check out my podcast episode: Laws of Healing. It’s all about cultivating the willingness to REALLY heal.

Yes, it does take a great willingness to move through things quickly, but it’s so gratifying!

I’m interested in having continuous breakthroughs in healing. I hardly take any days off from my work because I love it so much. And I don’t ever take a day off from spiritual practice. I never tire of the expansion and the constant up-leveling that Spirit supplies.

Let’s make the most of every opportunity for our healing and awakening, and remember to laugh when we forget. Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso.” I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Please pray with me today. The Prayer for Today is for Having the Courage to Grow. We use technology to transcend time and space, and deepen our spiritual practice, and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of developing trust, and there is so much help for us in the invisible. We are never alone. I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds. Together we truly are answering our call to BE the Love. YES!

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Let me know what you’d like to have the courage to heal and I’ll pray for you! Please share in the comments below!

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If you’re a spiritual healer, counselor, or teacher, you might be interested in one of my professional programs.  PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE to fill out my latest survey of your interests,  please click here now !  This way I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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