No More Guilt

August 14, 2019

Dog is a man’s best friend because it loves unconditionally.

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One of the things I aspire to is to stop saying or doing anything to make others feel guilty and ashamed.  It’s really important to me.  The more I look at this, the more I see how insidious it is in our thinking.  Many people are like me, we’ve been doing it so long and so often we don’t even realize what we’re doing.

It’s things like this:

“I’ve been working all day for this family, and what have you done?  You haven’t done anything.  I ask for one little thing and you can’t even do that.”

It’s all shame, guilt and blame laid on with a voice that has a tone.

It’s designed to make the other person feel guilty and ashamed in order to motivate them.

Yes, of course we can motivate people with shame and guilt – but it’s not kind.  It’s the method of a person who feels powerless because they’re not living from their heart.

I don’t want to be that anymore.

I’d like to inspire people with Love.

One thing I’ve been practicing for years is to give up comparing myself to others.  No one has to do things the way I do them.  They can do them the way that works for them.  Some will be better at some things than I am and some may not be as adept as I am.  It’s not important or even possible for all of us to do the same things in the same way.

I used to think I knew what was best.  I was constantly judging what others were doing and comparing myself to them.  I generated so much unhappiness for myself by laying guilt and shame on others for not measuring up.

These are classic ego patterns.  They’ve got to go.  They have no place in our life of LOVE.

We set our intention to break the habits of laying guilt and shame on others to manipulate them to do our bidding and meet our standards.

Life really is MUCH better in EVERY way when we relax and lead with LOVE.  

That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.  Will you join me?  Let me know in the comments below!

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