Peaceful No Matter What

August 12, 2019

At Sat Nam Fest with friends Beth and Jennifer!

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Well, another day, another travel mix up. Yesterday, I was supposed to fly to Asheville, NC from Boston airport and I missed my flight because I was looking for parking and couldn’t find it. Life!

So, this morning I’m on a flight – having to leave the hotel I booked at 4am for a 5:30am flight. Life!

I can feel that these travel mix-ups that sometimes happen are some kind of karmic opportunity for healing. Like it says in ACIM, I don’t know what anything is for. Not really, and not for sure, but nonetheless, I can count on everything working together for my good.

When I missed my flight, I was able to rebook. Instead of it taking me 4 hours to travel, now it’s going to take me about 12 hours. I guess I’ll get to make prayers and bless all the folks along the way. And the real bonus is I get to get up at 3:30am.

Traveling and running into the occasional rerouting, and other issues, is just part of life. More and more I’m getting good at just going with the flow.

Sure, I don’t really feel like getting up at 3:30 to catch a flight, but it’s what’s happening, so why complain? Why let it bother me?

There are plenty of things that I do let bother me. I’m working to have there be fewer and fewer – not because the things aren’t occurring, but because I can see Peace instead of whatever’s occurring.

I am extremely interested in seeing Peace at all times.

I used to live in an experience where much of life was difficult, disappointing, or difficult. Now, I’m aware that it’s my mind that chooses what I’d like to experience.

Taking responsibility for my life experiences, and actively choosing what I’d like to see, and choosing that which I enjoy, rather than what I don’t. I can be happy, harmonious and at ease, regardless of what’s going on. And that, in itself, is such a teacher.

All healing does occur at the level of the mind.

We have to be willing to hold what we’d like to experience in our minds and stop thinking about what we don’t want to experience.

Regardless of the side tracks life takes me on, I can decide to be happy. I can make the lemonade out of the lemons. And I really like that about life. It’s a relief that when unexpected things seem to thwart my plans, I can still be happy. Actually a real, relief.

I aspire to be peaceful no matter what.

And I believe it’s possible to get there!

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