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August 26, 2019
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Today is always a good day to have a good day!

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A Course in Miracles tells us that the only problem we have is that we believe we’re separate from Source, and since we’re not separate we actually have no problems. ALL of our problems have been solved. Yet, we have free will to think that we do have problems and to label things as problems.

I’ve really come to see that my biggest challenge is to stop labeling things as good, bad, right, wrong, better and worse. The ego thought system is one of separation. The best tool it has is to evaluate things in this way. However, what the ego values the Spirit does not, and vice versa.

Ego values being special. Spirit values awareness of Oneness, Unity and sameness.
Spirit values extending Love and compassion. Ego values punishing and criticizing.

They are opposing thought systems, which actually makes it SO much easier. However, many spiritual students, myself included, spiritualize the ego thought system.

I used to be so critical of spiritual teachers until I became one FOR REAL. I realized that the reason I was so critical of spiritual teachers is that it was old karma. For me, it was karma come up for healing. The karma was the guilt I felt for having been a religious teacher, leader, priest or whatever in a past life where I was out of integrity myself, or I had been wounded by religious leaders who were out of integrity. This realization helped me to have compassion for all spiritual leaders and teachers. I could stop criticizing them and start having compassion for them.

This extension of compassion is fundamental to the teachings of ACIM.

Practicing it is entirely different than reading it or talking about it.

Practicing extending compassion to those I would criticize became the healing of my self-judgment. It became my practice of self-forgiveness. It is one of the most helpful things I’ve ever discovered. Now I look for ways to extend more compassion, and with it comes the Peace of God.

I still find there are times when I’d like to be right, and I know when it is immediately, because I feel a sense of discord. And that discord is so precious to me, because it alerts me to an opportunity to heal my mind. I’ve trained myself to make the most of those moments, and to Partner UP and call for a healing rather than argue to be right or think that something is wrong.

If I’m upset, the ONLY thing that’s wrong is my stinking thinking. Phew! I don’t have to change the world to be happy! I am SO GRATEFUL!

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Do you practice having gratitude when you’re upset? Have you noticed the difference it makes? Please share in the comments below!

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