August 5, 2019
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Those who are loving become invulnerable.

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Yesterday morning, when I turned on my phone and got a message about the 2nd mass shooting that took place on Saturday and the death toll, my heart sunk. For a moment, I had a flash – is it safe to be out in public in this country?

That flash of fear thinking is very unusual for me, and it had no resonance. But it let me know that a lot of people are feeling this way right now – it’s understandable.

I don’t feel safe around guns, and there are a lot of guns in this country.

For myself, I would not make it legal for someone to walk in off the street and purchase a gun that can kill a room full of people in seconds. No one needs that kind of gun, in my opinion. Yes, that’s my opinion.

A Course in Miracles Lesson #25 is so helpful to me. I just wrote about it in yesterday’s blog about Self-Love. “I do not know what anything is for.” Until I can see through all directions of time and space, I don’t know what ANYTHING is for, but sometimes I get hints.

What I see, in this world, is that things sometimes have to generate bigger and bigger difficulties, tragedies, sorrows, and suffering before good-hearted people will come together and say, “ENOUGH! We’ve reached our limit. This can no longer continue this way. I must do something. I must get involved.”

The most important thing that we can do, and it’s the bare minimum, is we can start eliminating judgments and attack thoughts directed at anyone, including ourselves, for any reason, and replace those thoughts with extending compassion.

Replace attack with compassion. If everyone did this, we would eliminate ALL problems. ALL problems would dissolve so quickly.

So, let’s make this the priority and demonstrate the difference that it makes in our lives to everyone we meet. Let us be the teachers Spirit intends us to be. Today’s the day!

With no attack thoughts and more compassion, all will feel safe. There will be no need to defend. And that will end this violence.

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