August 27, 2019

We’re waking up to our connection with Spirit!

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It’s so helpful to be come conscious about consciousness. A Course in Miracles tells us that consciousness is the first step in the experience of separation. It also tells us that there’s no such thing as unconsciousness. Whether we like to realize it or not, we’re always an active participants. We’re in the driver’s seat, even when we think we’re not.

I’m very familiar with how convenient it can seem to “just go unconscious,” but that’s a delusion we’re having in the context of the illusion. Just think how often we feel like we’d like to “tune out.” It’s often desirable to “zone out.”

What are we tuning out?

The noise, the stuff of life, the responsibilities, the drama and the trauma.

Are we tuning IN to anything when we’re tuning out?
Are we tuning in to Spirit when we’re tuning out the world?

I like to zone out and tune out, as well as tune in.

Usually when I zone out, I like to focus on something lovely or something that the Higher Holy Spirit Self can teach me through. Movies and TV are perfect for that – but not as much if we’re not consciously paying attention as we’re watching.

Sometimes we can even blame our unconscious pain, cravings, and aversions for overtaking us and controlling us – as if they have the power. But is that REALLY possible? It’s worth contemplating when we’re in the midst of it, to help us take back our power.

I know that when I’ve been tired and wished to tune out, I didn’t wish to contemplate anything. That was the last thing I wished to do. Now I’ve got the ability to stay conscious, and I’m grateful. When I stay conscious I stay loving. That’s a step in a healing direction, and it brings another healing step and another.

We can be willing to recognize our wanting and craving to go unconscious and give it to Spirit for healing. So much is possible for us – one choice at a time.

Please share your reflections on going unconscious and tuning out in the comments below!

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