- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -

Activating the Flow of Good

I have learned the power of asking for what you’d like. However, it only works well when we don’t have an attachment to what we’d like to experience.

When there’s an attachment, then there’s something to heal. It’s so helpful to remember that all attachments come in one of two flavors: cravings or aversions. Cravings are the things we believe we need, or want, or have to have. Aversions are the things that we hate, dislike, and can’t stand,

When we have an aversion, then we’re blocking the flow because we think we know what is needed. Our judgments block the flow of the All-Good.

Usually when we have a craving or an aversion, we feel moderate discomfort related to it and that lets us know that we can let something go and experience more Peace [1], more Freedom, more healing.

If you’d like to experience more Peace, more Love, more Joy or any other experience, even a specific one such as more time at the beach, ask for assistance from the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

We can fall into neglect of our relationship with Spirit. Many times we don’t connect with Spirit except when we feel really needy. Think about it: Imagine you had a relationship with someone who only contacts you when they feel really needy. Wouldn’t that feel like a dysfunctional relationship?

Being in the flow of giving and receiving is our natural state. When we’re consistently asking for guidance, insight, connection, and support from Spirit, then we’re in a flow of relationship and we’re declaring that we’re available for that connection, as well as worthy of the connection. That makes a HUGE difference in our experience.

If you feel like you’re disconnected from Spirit, start asking for insight, Clarity, Wisdom, and support. You’ll be amazed at how it starts to flow in immediately.

Spirit is live-streaming pure goodness and insight 24/7 and we can connect at any time.

Let’s connect for the sake of connecting, rather than just when we need something. Let’s improve the quality of the most important relationship we have!

Unforgiveness, hurt, resentments, blame [2], shame [3], and guilt [4] all block the flow of insight and Clarity.

With clarity there’s Peace.

We can block our own experience of Peace in our mind, our relationships, and our body by holding onto unforgiveness. And that’s why I put so much focus [5] on forgiveness. Every day we can feel more free!

Have you seen the practice of forgiveness open up the flow of good in your life? Please tell us about it and share in the comments below! Thank you!