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All Rise

I find that wherever there’s a pain-point in my life, in my mind, in my body, there is the place where I’m holding onto an attachment to something that’s not serving me anymore.  I don’t wish to learn through the pain anymore.  I’m committed to learning through Joy – and yet, I don’t always [1] know HOW to do that.

Fortunately, I don’t have to research the HOW. My job is to ALLOW the Higher Holy Spirit Self to figure that out.  My job is entirely on focusing on my willingness to discard the painful patterns of the past and to step into the habit of making the most loving choice [2] I can see.

My view of my life, and my ability to SEE and recognize with whatever faculty, (it sure doesn’t need to be my physical sight) whatever are the most loving choices available to me is up to my willingness.

This past Saturday, I took my sweet 13-year-old nephew, Mikey, to Manhattan for a day of adventures, and one of the things we did was to see the Broadway show To Kill A Mockingbird, based on the famous novel of the same name by Harper Lee.  In the first part of the play, there’s the monologue about the use of ALL RISE in the courtroom when the proceedings begin.  Scout, the young girl, tells us that this is what we must do in times of community service [3] and matters such as this particular trial – we must rise to the best [4] of ourselves, conduct ourselves and make our choices from our Higher Holy Spirit Self.

It’s so valuable to ALL of us to choose to LIVE this way, and not just on special occasions.  

We can live this way if we choose.

The more I’m able to live from my Higher Holy Spirit Self and conduct myself with Love and compassion, the more I LOVE my life and feel like I’m living life from my TRUE Self and not from reacting to circumstances.  It’s such a good feeling.  It also saves a HUGE amount of time, because I’m not having to clean up messes related to my reactions.

I love being able to pause and look for more loving choices and find them.  It’s exciting!  Spiritual practice is 24/7 when we’re truly willing.  Being willing is an active thing – it’s not passive at all.  When we’re actually willing we’re not waiting for opportunities to be loving and transcend and transmute the limited patterns of the past – we’re actively choosing those opportunities.  That’s what makes it so wonderful!

If you’ve had enough of repeating painful patterns from the past – consider accepting my gift.  I’m offering a LIVE VIDEO 2.5-hour workshop intensive next Saturday with a replay on Sunday and it’s my gift to you.  There’s no cost, but you do have to register. Click here to register now.  [5]

Unworthiness Workshop
Saturday or Sunday September 28 or 29th
Los Angeles, 12pm ♥ Chicago, 2pm ♥ New York, 3pm ♥ London, 8pm ♥ Germany, 9pm ♥ Sydney, 5am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong, 3am (next day)  

This workshop is for people who are interested in making a change.  When you register, I’ll send you a worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits.

I’m all in for YOU.

Will you meet me and we’ll have some fun with our healing [6] together?

Please invite a friend or two and do the worksheets together.  Invite your ACIM Study Group and let’s do this together!  You can also listen to the last two weeks of Conquering Unworthiness episodes of my podcast. Click here to listen now and get the transcripts, too! [7]