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One thing I’ve noticed is that we don’t see what we cannot see. I used to get so annoyed with people because they weren’t observing what, to me, was so obvious.

It was frustrating to me that people couldn’t get things – all kinds of things – that seemed so completely obvious and “in your face” apparent. It seemed to me just plain willful ignorance.

Now I’m able to realize that we just cannot see what we’re not a vibrational match for.

For instance, some people can see so many ways and opportunities to be helpful, and they can tell whether it’s their call to do something or let it be and hold the high watch.

Some people can see that people are challenged and can use some encouragement, and some people just see someone in their way.

Some people can see that someone is being so very kind and helpful to a stranger and others won’t even notice what’s occurring.

This is what Jesus [1] was referring to when he talked about having “the eyes to see and the ears to hear.” Our gifts [2] and answered prayers can be right under our nose, but if we cannot recognize them, how would we know they’re there?

Many times when I’m working or writing intensely, people can come in the room I’m in and start to do things for many minutes before they recognize I’m there. They’re startled by my presence. I can’t say for certain what it’s about, but I do feel there are times when I turn on a cloaking device in order to avoid being interrupted, and many times people can’t even see me when I’m right there.

It’s a powerful and helpful skill to be able to recognize what’s going on around us without getting caught in the difficulties people are having. I won’t join people in worry [3] and upset [4]. And, I’ve learned when to offer a hand and when not to.

Cultivating the ability to discern what’s really going on is VERY worthwhile. It comes naturally when we’re willing to give up all attachment to judging and labeling. It’s a magnificent trade – opinion for truth [5]! Let’s begin today!

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