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Conquering Unworthiness – Part 2

Thank you to all of the people who have let me know how much they appreciated my podcast last week and the worksheet. You can still get that WORTHINESS [1] worksheet if you’re interested.

It’s really worth doing if unworthiness is your issue.

Since unworthiness is not our natural state, and it’s completely predicated on false beliefs, we CAN have a healing [2] and faster than we think. I encourage you to go for it and stop the struggle. Don’t let it go on for one more day.

My intention [3] in my podcast last week [4] and this week is to inspire you to actually do the work so you can bring on your healing breakthrough.

YOU are so worth it. WE ALL ARE!

What’s so cool is that when one person is lifted up we’re all lifted up. We CAN lift each other up. That’s what I see in my spiritual community at the Power of Love Ministry – we inspire each other to do the work.

When we INTEND that others will be inspired and healed BECAUSE we share the same mind, it’s powerful. A Course in Miracles [5] teaches us to change our mind about the world in order to see things in the world change and it really does work.

Because I feel worthy, I’m inviting your healing prayers today.

I’ve got a cold that is moving on [6] through! Thank you!

Do you ever feel defeated because you’re perpetuating your own unworthiness and you know it? Please tell us about it and share in the comments below! Let’s join together for our healing! Thank you!