Healing All Aversions

September 14, 2019

Taking time to meditate in nature is so restorative!

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I used to have an aversion to people who seemed weak, timid or afraid. It would bring up my own fear of being weak. I didn’t know that’s why I had the aversion, but that’s how this mirroring thing works.

Do you have an aversion to people who act in a certain way?

I literally would feel this intense need to get away from people who were insecure. It was almost as if it were some kind of thing that I could catch – and that thought terrified me. Now, I’m aware that the reason it was so bothersome to me is that it was my own insecurities being reflected to me.

My insecurities were intolerable for me. I had so little self-compassion.

All of that began to change when I decided to focus on being compassionate for others. As I was able to extend Love to others, I could begin to have some Love for myself. A little bit of Love goes a long way.

This is why each act of loving kindness that we can extend to others opens our heart and helps us to be more available to the good in life. AND, I learned that the way to heal an aversion is to have compassion.

It works! Life is better without aversions.

Next time your mind drifts to attacking someone, or even yourself, see if you can remember this and extend some compassion to welcome more good in your life. It’s a powerful spiritual practice that we can take with us every moment of every day!

Have you seen the direct results of having a practice of extending Love and compassion? Please tell us about it and share in the comments below! Thank you!

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