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September 29, 2019

Eliminating unworthiness is a gift of Love we share with the world. There is no greater gift we can share.

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I know I’m a “God Geek”. Folks in my classes like to laugh at me because I tell them the story about how, back in the 90’s when I was in classes at Agape and my first Prayer Partner, Liz Raci and her husband Paul — who was also in classes with me — would invite me over for a barbecue on Memorial Day and Labor Day, and I asked them if I could come over early.

I’d say, “How about if I come early and help set up, and we can talk about God before everyone arrives?”

Yup, that was me.

The honest to God reason that I became a Science of Mind Practitioner, a Spiritual Counselor, a Minister, and a teacher is so that I could be in this conversation with and about Spirit all of the time. Nothing is more interesting to me. I always find it interesting.

It’s why I write daily inspiration and offer my A Course in Miracles podcast, all the workshops and classes as a gift. I love it. It’s my Joy!

Yesterday, I offered my Worthiness Workshop and we had about 100 people who came live to work with me on this issue. It was exciting! (If you missed it, come today. Click to register now.)

I had an experience similar to what I have when I offer a retreat. Usually in the first 24 hours, a number of people will come to me privately and pull me aside and say, “Jennifer, I had no idea other people felt this way. I thought I was the only one. I mean, I REALLY believed I was the only one who felt this way.”

This is so important to me!

For years, I thought I was the only one who was so messed up.

As spiritual students, we are much MORE judgmental of ourselves than non-spiritual students. We have higher standards, and when we don’t meet them we feel even worse. We beat ourselves up even more for failing as a spiritual student.

I’d like to put an end to all of that in our community. Enough! It’s not helpful. Self-attack has got to go!

Self-attack and special relationships are the two best weapons of the ego to keep us from rising in Love. Enough!

Yesterday, most of the people who came to the workshop had invested themselves in doing my worksheet. That, plus our coming together, talking and sharing, helped people to make the decision to really put attention on this issue to change their lives. That was SO EXCITING!

As ACIM students, we know the power of decision. There’s no way we can fill out that worksheet, do my workshop, and still be in the dark about what our belief in unworthiness is costing us every day. This is so valuable!

We CAN have healing EVERY DAY if we’re willing. A little bit every day adds up to a lot!

Have you ever had a faucet that had a slow drip? Put a bucket under it and you’ll realize how fast a slow drip can fill up a bucket!

Here are some of the things that people said to me in the workshop yesterday after we did some of the work together:

“That was awesome!!!! Totally Divine!”

“So beautiful talking to the wonderful participants!”

“Very inspiring and miraculous!”

“I loved it!”

“Yay! inspiring to share in the healing and the miracle!”

Many of us made a decision to put this issue first in our life and stop avoiding it. People were inspired to take action.

WOW! This is what excites me more than ANYTHING. We only did a little bit of work together. This is the difference when we ACTUALLY DO THE WORK instead of just listening to a lecture or a podcast, or read it in a book.

Studying isn’t healing.
Doing the work is actually healing.

That’s what inspired me to offer this Worthiness Workshop in the first place! And I’m offering it again today. Even if you cannot join today – register to get my worksheet and fill it out. If you can come today, please see if you can fill out the worksheet before coming to the workshop.

There’s no cost, but you do have to register. Click here to register now.

Worthiness Workshop
TODAY, Sunday
September 29th
Los Angeles 1pm ♥ Chicago 3pm ♥ New York 4pm ♥ London 9pm
♥ Germany 10pm ♥ Sydney 6am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 4am (next day)

This workshop is for people who are interested in making a change. When you register, I’ll send you a link to download the worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits.

I’m all in for YOU. Will you meet me and we’ll have some fun with our healing together?

Please invite a friend or two and do the worksheets together. Invite your ACIM Study Group and let’s do this together! You can also listen to the last two weeks of Conquering Unworthiness episodes of my podcast. Click here to listen now and get the transcripts too!

We enjoyed the work yesterday. It was exciting! Transformation is REALLY fun and it’s also a huge relief when we do it together. It’s such a relief to let go of the false identity and stand in the beauty of our true nature. We truly can be helpful and we can teach only Love. I’m going for it. Come join me!

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Let’s make the most of every opportunity for our healing and awakening and remember to laugh when we forget. Every day I offer my “Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. We use technology to transcend time and space, and deepen our spiritual practice, and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of developing trust and faith,and there’s so much help for us in the invisible. We’re never alone. I Love you and I thank God for you.

We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds.

Together we’re answering our call to BE the Love. YES!

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