People Who Poke

September 11, 2019

We can learn to have patience without being co-dependent.

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Sometimes folks who feel insecure will poke and poke others to agitate and get them to reject them. It’s classic. People who have abandonment issues will push others away. We do all these crazy things to prove that what we believe is true.

BUT it does NOT prove what we believe is true.
All it proves is that we believe it, and so we’re experiencing it.

If you REALLY look at it, what IS proved is that we’re powerful manifesters!

It can be really exhausting and tiresome to have someone you love pushing you away. However, once realize that it’s a cry for Love and they don’t really know what they’re doing, we can drop our judgments and love them.

Some people have a difficult time letting you love them.

It’s like that old Woody Allen joke “I’d never join a club that would allow me to become a member.”

They don’t trust and it doesn’t feel safe. They’re anticipating rejection, and so they will do their dance until you agree they aren’t worth it. They can be so insistent.

Life is filled with these experiences, and as long as we don’t judge it, we’ll continue to have less and less of them. We’re here to be truly helpful. The most helpful thing we can be is both compassionate AND having healthy boundaries.

Some people will begin to relax when they see you really do love them.

And some people aren’t ready to accept it. This is when we do our work in the invisible – our prayer practice and our forgiveness. It’s powerful and life-changing.

Have you had the experience I’m talking about? Please tell us about it and share in the comments below! Let’s join together for our healing! Thank you!

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