Blame is Exhausting

October 22, 2019

Blame is exhausting and Love is renewing.

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A Course in Miracles tells us that relationships are the best tool we have for working with our minds. Ain’t that the truth? Lordy!

I used to feel so tested and tried by my relationships. I was quick to blame. I would run the blame scenarios in my mind compulsively, over and over again, defending and attacking the person I blamed for my upset. It was exhausting.

Now, I’m well aware that what was actually going on was that the peeps in my life were showing me all my false beliefs. I used to go off the deep end so easily. With the slightest provocation, I was ranting and raving.

Blame. Resentment. Attack!

What I’ve learned, and am so deeply grateful for, is that my job is to hold the high watch of Love and compassion.

When a relationship seems to be in a rocky space, whether it’s with someone I know well or someone I just met, my real “response-ability” is to hold in my mind that healing is happening RIGHT NOW.

I’ve learned not to be fooled by the appearance, even when someone seems to be relentlessly attacking me. Even when others who “know better” are blaming me for their feelings, it’s still my job and my “response-ability” to hold that the appearance of discord is transforming into Harmony, because Harmony is our natural state and that which is false has no power.

Love is the only power.

Our ability to be loving IS our superpower!

Of course, this doesn’t mean accepting abuse of any kind.

Just because someone is blaming you for how they feel doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

ACIM Lesson #5 is “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

We can reject the blame without rejecting the person.

They think they’re upset because of something we did, but they’re not. That’s an old belief system – old “BS”.

When the world seems to be the cause of our upset, it’s not. It’s really not. We’re actually upset because we’ve lost our seat. We’re upset because we’re blaming others. We’re upset because we believe something that’s false. We’re upset because we’re giving ourselves permission to be unloving.

Our “response-ability” is to hold tight to the healing power of Love and not be deterred. It works. It really works. It’s our job and our “response-ability” to prove it.

Blame is exhausting and Love renews, restores and resurrects!

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