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Clear the Fear

A Course in Miracles teaches us that “There are no private thoughts.” This is the same as many other mystical teachings. This is exactly what I learned as a student of Ernest Holmes teachings in The Science of Mind.

There is but One Mind, and all of our minds are joined in that One Mind. We can’t possibly have a private thought when all of our minds are joined in the One Mind and yet, we still often find ourselves operating as though we can keep our thoughts hidden or secret. We can’t.

The incredibly good news is that we can CHANGE our mind and hold only loving and compassionate thoughts. When our mind is attuned to the loving thoughts and focused on that, then we will see the results in our life. I call it “working in the invisible.” It’s so much easier [1] to work in the mind than to work in the world.

I call laboring in the world “pushing density” because it feels exhausting, whereas working in the mind, when we’re focused on Love, is exhilarating! It’s energizing!

You can always tell who is operating from Love and who isn’t. It’s obvious. Words aren’t necessary. We don’t need private thoughts. They are useless.

The more I choose the loving thought, the more I don’t care if everyone knows everything I’m thinking. And I’m not afraid of what other people think, because my thoughts are of Love. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s very simple too.

When our thoughts are unloving, that’s when we fear that other people will know what we’re thinking. The end of fear comes when we focus on being loving. When we’re fully committed to being loving, then there simply is nothing to fear.

It’s amazing to realize that allowing the good to flow in our lives is incredibly simple, and we complicate it and obscure it by choosing to believe the meaning we’ve made of things when we don’t have to. Thank God we can always choose again.

ACIM calls our heart [2] the altar. Let’s clear off all the false idols that we’ve laid upon the altar of our heart and open to true Love now.

What are false idols?
Anything that we’ve made more important than our connection with Spirit.

It could be any one of your relationships or even your body.
It could be your job or your house.

If you’re feeling fearful at all and you really wish to be free of worry [3], fear, and anxiety, the answer [4] is simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Give the attack thoughts to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and open your heart to appreciating the good in your life. Count your blessings and it will shift [5] your thinking.

We’re loving ourselves free of all fear and limitation!

When we don’t feel connected to Spirit and supported by Spirit, or even when we fear God, it’s most likely a result of feeling unworthy. If you suspect that worthiness is your issue, then you might consider receiving my gift. My Worthiness Workshop this past weekend was such a hit that I’m offering it again this week. Register to get my worksheet and fill it out. I’ll let you know when the next workshop is!

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