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IRS Gratitude

God is so good! I love it when we can prove how beautiful and powerful Love is and Spirit is. I’ve been having an issue with the IRS (in case you’re not familiar, that’s the Internal Revenue Service [1], and they are the government office that deals with taxes) not recording a payment I sent in. I’ve been trying to get them on the phone and been held for a long period on a number of occasions.

This morning I decided to give it another go and set aside a couple of hours for the process. I asked the angels [2] to help me and, in particular, to help me have a good connection with whomever I talked to at the IRS. I called in at 8 a.m. and got a recording that said the office was closed and would reopen at 7 a.m.. Strange. I called back a few times and finally got into the system. I waited 90 minutes to talk to someone.

The gentlemen who answered the phone, Mr. Martin, at first sounded as though he was absolutely miserable. He sounded exactly like the old cartoon character Droopy Dog. I was happy [3] to talk with him, though. Over the next 40 minutes or so, he answered all my questions, was extremely helpful, he was kind, and he also completely changed his attitude within the first few minutes.

I was not against him, I was for him. I made it very clear that he was helping me and I appreciated it. At the end of the call I thanked him again, and said I was so glad that he was the one I got to speak to and I was thankful for all of his help. He was happy at that point, and I can tell it was a really good start to his day. Mutual kindness, respect, and support [4] – that’s what our call was about.

I love when that happens!

I am grateful to the angels who are always so helpful.

I am grateful that I remember to ask for help.

I am grateful that when I’m willing to prove that Spirit is always [5] for me and never against me, I will be shown this is true.

And I’m grateful that I can be a loving and uplifting presence if I choose to be!

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