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Spirit of Ego?

So many times I’ve had the experience of getting an idea to do something and not knowing [1] if it was ego or intuition. I’d struggle with it. Ultimately, it would come down to me choosing what I wanted most. That wasn’t always [2] a good thing.

I’m often asked – “How can I tell if it’s ego or intuition?” We’d like to know so we can choose correctly – or so it seems. What I’ve witnessed and learned from is that many people say they’d like to have greater intuition, but they’ll reject the guidance [3] if it doesn’t match their plan.

Yes, as long as we’re IDENTIFIED with the ego-personality, the separate selfish self, then we’ll be confused about whether or not what we think is guidance from Spirit really is guidance.

It’s painful not knowing. It’s intensely challenging sometimes.

What helps is if we’re willing to really follow Spirit’s guidance.

It also helps if we’re doing lots of forgiveness and we’re dropping our judgments because that allows us to hear, feel, see, and know more clearly what’s really going on. Our false beliefs, opinions, resentments, blame [4], and shame [5] cloud our view.

Intuition is a still, small Voice that is so distinct,
it can be heard over the cacophony of the ego
because it’s a higher vibration,
not because it’s louder.
Be willing to listen and you shall hear.

Intuition is without judgment – that’s what gives it the smallness.

Intuition is pure Love – that’s what gives it the stillness.

Have you ever been able to recognize the still small “Voice” through the intensity of ego insanity? Have you been able to follow it? Did it bring you miracles? Please share in the comments section below! I’d love to know!