Bulb Planting

November 7, 2019
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I’m hoping our yard will look like this someday!

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Today I finished planting 900 bulbs at our family’s house in Maine. I have a vision of how the daffodils, iris and Siberian Squill will multiply and spread throughout the area making the Spring a beautiful vision of nature’s glory.

In Maine, they joke that their four seasons are winter, more winter, still winter and road repair. Spring in Maine comes quite late, so the flowering bulbs are MUCH appreciated signs that winter is finally over.

It was much more work than I anticipated, because some of the areas where I wished to plant took a lot of work to dig up and plant.

I was concerned about getting it all done because of the first 5 days or so, because the bulbs I ordered online took longer to arrive than I’d anticipated, and then when they did come, it rained for 3 days. I only had 6 days to get it all done and there was a heavy rain day in the middle, so that left me 5 days.

Yesterday was the last day, and I prayed for Divine Assistance because I still had a couple hundred left to plant and so many other things to do. I wasn’t on vacation, by any means, and with the time change it was dark by 5 p.m. each day and too cold to get out there early, at least for my hands in the wet soil. Even with gloves, also wet.

Still, I got it all done.

And I am SO grateful for my strong body which is now a bit sore from all of it.

Since I have to leave this morning and the weather was a challenge, I was truly concerned that I mightn’t get it all done. I have a tendency to take on big bites, and sometimes it’s more than I can comfortably chew.

I’m so glad I’ve learned to rely upon a Higher Power and not go it alone.

I asked Spirit to guide me where to plant and how to plant and it all worked out.

I am trusting that the nature spirits will do their work and help turn over the bulbs I may have accidentally planted upside down – those crocus are small, and it’s really not easy to tell which end is up!

Gardening has been such learning for me. It’s definitely humbling. Things that I’ve thought would be magnificent barely do anything, and then things that I don’t expect much from are flourishing and lovely.

Thank goodness I am a forgiveness expert!

Part of why the gardens at the house in Maine are important to me is because it was my mother’s dream to have lovely gardens and she made that come true at this house. I’m doing my best to get them back up to where they were before she got ill. During her illness, things got neglected and then after she passed my father didn’t make it a priority.

So now it’s my turn, and I do it with my mother in mind. It’s a tribute to her, in a way. She loved beauty and she taught me to love it, too. Nothing is more beautiful than what nature can create. I’m so happy to play my part.

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