Constant Goodness

November 25, 2019

Amethyst reminds me of the Violet Flame I love so much!

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The very nature of Spirit is that everything works together for our good and it always will. We can rely upon this. We can depend upon it. And actually, having faith and trust in this principle nature of the Universe is the foundation of our happiness.

When we believe that things aren’t working together for our good, we get upset and we begin to freak out. Our beliefs aren’t true, but nonetheless we can convince ourselves that they are.

There are situations where we learn that our sweetheart has been unfaithful or is leaving us and we can absolutely be convinced this is the worst thing ever, when actually it’s not. It’s for our good. We don’t have the fortitude to leave the relationship, so Spirit arranges to get us out of the situation.

I’ve had that happen.

We don’t have the courage to leave a job that’s not for our highest good, so Spirit arranges for us to be laid off or fired in order to bring forth our highest good.

I’ve had that happen.

There are so many things in life that we cling to, that aren’t for our highest good, and yet we won’t let them go because we have placed our faith in our beliefs and we don’t trust our guidance.

I’ve had that happen.

There’s constant goodness always working for us.

It is the very grace of God.
We can deny it and label things bad.
Or, we can accept the grace and be grateful.
We get to choose how we live.

I pray to release all attachments.

Attachments are always something that obstructs the flow of Love and goodness in our lives.

Will you join me and pray to release all attachments today?

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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