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November 3, 2019

Folks from the most recent Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive. What a blast! And it was SOOOO healing!

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These are challenging times. There’s no doubt about it. For those of us with a spiritual practice, it’s a constant call to be more dedicated and more devoted. I see that happening in our community.

I’m a happy camper today because I have so many wonderful announcements. Earlier this year we, at the Power of Love Ministry, decided to create a community newsletter and we sent the first issue yesterday. If you missed it, you can view it in your browser here: Community Newsletter.

I’ve learned that it really does take a great willingness to have an effective spiritual practice and to follow the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Fortunately, the more I practiced, the more I truly wished to be even more willing and more available to choose Love and to be truly helpful with every choice I made.

I find I am not alone in this ever-increasing willingness and joy in willingness.

In some ways, it becomes a no-brainer. I see this with folks in class with me all the time. What happens that turbocharges our willingness is we start to prove that it works. Once we can begin to see that, the changes are helpful, that the changes are desirable, that life is easier and better, then we start to actually wish to give up the past and make the changes that are EVEN MORE HELPFUL.

Remember, in ACIM, Jesus tells us that ALL are chosen. We all have a call to be truly helpful and to return home, like the Prodigal Son. And, eventually, we’ll all actually DECIDE to make that journey. We can speed it up or we can slow it down.

I’m also excited because we’re consistently doing a much better job of serving our community. In September, I held my first retreat on the topic of “Recovery from Sexual Abuse” and it was a HUGE success, in that those who attended had profound healing and they’re now offering a support group for folks in Masterful Living and Finding Freedom classes. They’re going gangbusters, and we’re looking to have another retreat as early as late January.

Those who do the deep forgiveness work, like these beautiful folks who are rising above their wounding of the past, are inspired and compelled to help others. Their Joy is infectious! Just think: they went from feeling betrayed and wounded to feeling joyous and inspired!

Forgiveness continues to be my teacher. I am consistently amazed at how profound the healing power of forgiveness is. And that’s why I’m getting ready to offer a free class on forgiveness NEXT SUNDAY, November 10, and I’m calling it Forgive Me. Here Come The Holidays! Register now and we’ll send you the details – also, please do share with friends – it’s my gift to you!


I feel it’s so important and helpful to do extra forgiveness clearing and healing BEFORE the holidays, so that we can end the year beautifully and feel launched into our best year ever. Please join me in this free class! I’m so inspired to do this healing work!

I’m also very inspired because I just had my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and my “Teacher Training” intensive – and they were both so much fun and so fulfilling. How cool is it that as people are entering our Spiritual Counseling Certification Program others are completing it?

At the Power of Love Ministry, the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program is going strong. And I’m so pleased to announce that we are certifying two new counselors. Woo hoo!

I’d like to introduce you to Phil Rego, who has been participating in the ministry for a number of years now. I’ve watched her shift and transform her life and her thinking and expand her coaching business. Phil is an inspiring counselor who is doing beautiful work

I love to help people discover who they truly are and to live with a sense of joy and wonder as they claim the future they want for themselves. After nearly two decades of helping people deal with difficulty as a social worker, I became a leadership coach who helps people transform themselves and their lives. Our journey is to find our source of light and illuminate ourselves, our greatness, and our unique calling. In studying with Jennifer it became clear to me that love is a healer and we must love ourselves first. With that, I focus on helping people discover and love who they truly are. When we tune in and turn up the divine light shining deep within us, we release our hurts, troubles, doubts, and fears. I would love the opportunity to help you uncover and shine your light. Please contact Phil at: philorego@hotmail.com


I’d also like to introduce you to Rieko Yamanaka who has been in our Masterful Living community for three years, and for several years has been a Facilitator for our Mastery Circle program, as well as facilitating small groups in the Finding Freedom From Fear program. She is a much loved and valued member of our community. She’s taking a break from counseling right now.

My goal is that all the graduates of our program will feel confident and qualified to do the work that they LOVE. And they do!

In order to be certified, these powerful Spiritual Counselors have had to do at least 111 practice sessions with evaluations and they’ve done far more than that. Plus, they have a substantial list of other requirements that have brought them to a place of great willingness and great knowing of Spirit. They are experienced. I invite you to consider working with Phil if you’d like to deepen your spiritual practice of truly living A Course in Miracles.

Working with a Spiritual Counselor who was trained to see the ego’s mental and emotional patterns that were running my life helped me to be able to dissolve and resolve those patterns. I could not have done it on my own.

For me, my belief that I had a deep-seated, fundamental wrongness and badness was so strong, and had been affirmed so often, that I really needed someone who could sit with me and say “It ain’t so. False. Not true. Never will be true. It cannot be true. You are perfect Love and you have forgotten it. You’ve hidden it. You aren’t aware of it, but even so, that is what is actually true.”

The truth IS that we are ALL fundamentally good – even if we’ve never demonstrated it. And because THAT is the TRUTH, one person holding and knowing the truth with you and for you is more powerful than a lifetime of believing a lie. That’s how powerful truth is.

Love is truth.

Love knows no opposition, because any appearance of opposition is false. It ain’t so.

I began to find out just how powerful this is when I became a spiritual counselor as a licensed Prayer Practitioner in the Agape community in Los Angeles. I was so committed to helping my clients see the truth that I was seeing. It was an honor and a privilege to hold the truth and know it with them and for them.

And that’s why I began to train Spiritual Counselors for certification. I have an aspiration to support people who would like to have a profession in spirituality as counselors, teachers, and Prayer Practitioners as well as ministers.

Congratulations to Phil & Rieko! Let’s give them some applause!


If you think you might be interested in learning more about spiritual counseling and our program at Power of Love Ministry, you can reply to this e-mail and we’ll set up a time for one of the counselors to answer your questions.  You can also email us at admin@jenniferhadley.com 

I encourage you to consider work with one of the Spiritual Counselors who I’ve certified, or one that’s still in training, and see if they can support your journey.  They ALL have had amazing relationship healing with their families.  Click here to see the list of Spiritual Counselors.  

Folks who have been therapists, doctors, teachers, coaches, ministers, dads, moms, and grandparents for decades have all found that it was very helpful to them in all kinds of ways, professionally and personally.

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”.  I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing.  Prayer is a power tool for our liberation.  We use technology to transcend time and space, and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other.  Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share! It takes a village to raise anyone.  And certainly, it takes a village to raise this minister. I Love you and I thank God for you.  We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds.  

Together we truly are answering our call to BE the Love.  YES!

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