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November 14, 2019

Forgiveness restores our faith, our hope and our loving heart!

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I have seen forgiveness bring the most miraculous healings.

I have felt that forgiveness redeemed me and brought me great wisdom, which is wonderful because I’ve felt like a very slow learner. I felt as though I was such a committed grudge holder that I kept myself from really learning and advancing in my spiritual growth for many years.

Transmuting my painful experiences into power is something I know a lot about. That’s why this ministry is called the Power of Love Ministry.

Love is the only power and it is an alchemical power that can transmute the heavyweight of painful experiences into the Freedom of knowing the Power of Love is active in my heart and in my awareness.

Forgiveness is the tool we use to transmute our deepest emotional pain into power.

Forgiveness requires one thing, and that’s the willingness to release the meaning we’ve attributed to things.

Forgiveness is the release of attachment to our interpretations of events, and experiences.

In order to be willing to release our interpretations, we must trust that God is with us and always for us. When we have made so many unloving and unkind choices in our past, it feels hard to believe that Spirit could EVER still be with us or for us.

This is where A Course in Miracles is so helpful to us. In ACIM, Jesus reminds us not to make this world and the things that seem to have occurred here real. He consistently reminds us that we are perfect now and forever and that nothing that happens here will EVER affect the permanent record of our perfection.

It’s time for us to actually LIVE and BELIEVE these A Course in Miracles teachings because that is the thing that heals our mind.

All healing IS at the level of the mind, and now is the time for us to turbocharge our healing.

Forgiveness is the one thing that does that. Forgiveness IS a miracle.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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