My Prayer for Partnering UP

November 11, 2019

Prayer works!

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As promised in my “Forgive Me. Here Come the Holidays” class yesterday, I mentioned that I would put this prayer in “My Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso” today. I’m also making it the recorded prayer for today.

This is a version of my daily prayer that I started praying about 20 years ago. Prayer works! It has transformed my life.

Prayer and forgiveness are the 2 best tools I have.

I encourage you to use this prayer or write of your own to use on a daily basis to improve the quality of every minute of your life!

Prayer for Partnering UP!

I AM that I AM.
I AM my I AM Presence.
I AM One with the One and for this, I am truly grateful.
In the name of my beloved I AM, I ask that my Higher Holy Spirit Self, my I AM Presence, lead and guide me to be in the flow of Love in all moments of this day and in every area of my life.
I intend to be easily led and guided to choose the highest and best in each moment.
I allow myself to receive the blessings that are mine to receive.
I allow myself to recognize the most loving choices this day.
Higher Holy Spirit Self, please make loving choices so attractive to me that I cannot mistake them.
Help me to choose Love and to live my life as a joyful and abundant prayer of the heart.
Help me to recognize my life is the eternal life of God.
I AM dedicated to being a loving and beneficial presence on this planet.
I choose to be truly helpful.
I AM blessed & I AM a blessing.
I share the benefits of my healing and expansion with everyone because I AM one with them.
I AM awakening to know my true identity and the true identity of my brothers and sisters.
We are one in Love, eternally and for this and all the blessings I receive this day, I AM so very grateful.
In the name of my Beloved I AM, I know that it is done.
I allow myself to accept it as done and so it IS.

You can click here now to download a PDF copy.

If you’d like more support for having a miraculous breakthrough with forgiveness, please join me in my Forgive & Be Free three-part class. We start on Thursday and you’ll get the replay of each of the three classes plus transcripts, plus homework and follow up break-out calls next week. Lots of opportunities to REALLY do this forgiveness work and substantially deepen your practice.

This year, let’s stop paying lip service by SAYING we’re willing but not actually living it. We can bring on a breakthrough FAR beyond what we can imagine when we’re truly willing to truly forgive. If you don’t know how, here’s how! Join me!

Why wait? Now is the time for our healing! If you’re willing, I’m ready – let’s do it together!


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    Collaboration Is Healing
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