The Treasure is in Our Heart

November 30, 2019
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With my longtime prayer partners, Janice & Karen celebrating Thanksgiving together is a joy!

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This world is one where truth seems like a lie and a lie seems like the truth. Example: We, who are perfect, believe that we’re less than perfect.

Or how about this: We who are One with our Creator and can bring forth magnificence into existence, believe that we’re lacking.

Pause for a moment and consider this: are you looking for something, ANYTHING, in the world to make you feel better?

Do you believe that if things in the world were different that you’d feel better about yourself?

If so, you’re like most people – and the good news is you can shift that and actually feel better about your life! How crazy is it that eliminating looking for things in the world to improve our lives can actually improve our life? Crazy!

The Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us. If we’re looking to find it somewhere outside of our own heart, then we will never, ever even catch a glimpse. Many people are still seeking outside of themselves, thinking that what they deeply want, need, and desire is somewhere in the world. They believe if they look long and hard enough, they might find it. They believe that if they work hard enough, they will be able to manifest it or attract it. They believe that if they’re lucky, someone will give it to them.

All of that seeking is an illusion.

The Kingdom is within us, and to look elsewhere is to go on a fool’s errand. Deep down, we all know this. That’s why so many despair. They are afraid to look within. And yet, that’s where Heaven can be found.

That’s where our treasure truly is.

Why would someone be afraid to look for the Kingdom in the one and only place it can be found? Well, if we’re thinking of ourselves as not good enough, if we’re thinking that inside of us is something ugly and unworthy, if we feel we’re filled to the brim with guilt, blame, and shame – then we probably won’t feel excited about looking within.

Instead, we’ll fear what we might find. Better not to look within and simply continue to seek in vain. Many believe the suffering of NOT finding is less than the suffering of discovering just how ugly your own heart is and don’t even know it. This is the thought that keeps so many from discovering the amazing riches of the Kingdom.

“Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also.” A Course in Miracles

The Truth: Amazing riches are ours already – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is pre-installed!

Let’s look within so we can find the treasure where it actually is!

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