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Allowing the Miracles

One of the things that we get to learn as spiritual students are how to get out of the way of the miracles that are available in our lives. We were talking about this in class over the weekend.

A Course in Miracles teaches us to focus [1] on changing our minds about the world, rather than trying to change the world. And yet, we keep forgetting it. Some lessons are so simple that we just can’t believe it’s actually true.

When our relationships are so difficult and so challenging, as they often are, we can remember that forgiving OURSELVES for our part in the pain is the way to have healing in the relationship and in the minds of all parties involved.

We were talking about how we can seem to hold onto resentment and anger [2] and it builds. We can hold onto resentment about something for decades. Sometimes it fades and sometimes it ferments.

The way out of the anger and resentment is to forgive ourselves for our part in the mess. Without that, there’s no relief from the upset [3]. Whenever there is anger and upset, resentment and hurt, we’ve had a part in it.

ACIM tells us that our happiness REQUIRES our taking responsibility for what we see.

This is one of the great healing practices that we have available to us, and yet, we still tend to blame [4] others rather than take responsibility.

The way out of pain is available to us and we can choose it.

We don’t REALLY know what ANYTHING is for, so let’s stop thinking that we do and have a good time together.

When we practice responsibility and forgiveness in these ways we see miraculous healing breaking out all over our life. Every day! Isn’t that what we’d really like? Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

I call it “proving God.” When we prove these principles at work in our mind, and in our relationships, then we can move out of the fear of feeling that we’re being punished and it will never stop.

To me, making these choices for forgiveness and responsibility is Self-loving and Self-healing and that’s a relief.

We really CAN move out of self-sabotage and into Self-liberation. Phew!

Where would you most like to experience a miracle in your life? Please share in the comments below!

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