Holy Friendships

December 2, 2019

Spiritual sisters who like to walk by the lake.

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I’ve been blessed to share my birthday and Thanksgiving with some very dear friends I’ve known for decades and we have a good time together! There’s no fighting, no annoyances, no problems, only the pleasure of each other’s company.

What’s the secret to our friendship success?

We support each other. We actively love and support each other.

There’s no competition because there’s only love and support.

There’s no criticism because we’re focused on Love and support.It doesn’t matter that we don’t 100% agree on everything.

I used to have friends that I felt obligated to be with and to stay in touch with. I don’t have those kinds of friendships anymore. I used to organize my friendships by a set of ideas that I thought were what I should do instead of what I felt like doing.

I’m so glad I got the ego out of my friendships and put Spirit in charge!

We can have holy relationships in all of our relationships if we’re willing. I only wish that someone had told me that a very long time ago!

I also had NO idea that support was the key to friendship.

I really used to think it was more about spending time together and shared interests, but it doesn’t have to be that at all.

Another aspect of successful friendship is being able to RECEIVE support. And that does involve trust.

In my Masterful Living Course, I have the great privilege of meeting 1-on-1 with the participants, and the majority of them tell me that trust is a major issue. Anyone who has studied A Course in Miracles knows that trust is the number one characteristic of God’s Teachers. Trust is required. Trust builds faith.

It’s not so much that we trust each other – we trust Spirit IN each other.

When we decide to love and cherish the people in our lives, then the holy relationship emerges and that’s healing to everyone, most particularly those in that relationship and others nearby. Each holy relationship is a demonstration of God’s Love, and that’s healing to us all.

When we request the holy relationship, the Higher Holy Spirit Self will provide the means for us to attain it and only our willingness to BE in it is required. We cannot have a holy relationship without a willingness to offer Love and support, and life with relationships in which we’re not willing to give and receive Love and support is a life of suffering.

Being in the flow of Love and support is what we’re designed for.We are designed to be the perfect givers and receivers of Love, and that’s what friends are for.

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