Loving Compassion

December 20, 2019

A little bit of loving compassion is like the blade of grass that has the power to break up concrete, it can burst through our concretized belief systems.

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I am profoundly grateful. Where I once felt this life was impossible to enjoy and difficult to even withstand, I have come to a place where I can authentically say I absolutely L-O-V-E this life. I never imagined that would ever be possible for me. The shift came because of my spiritual practice.

I have come to see that my feelings of anger and near-constant outrage were a cry for Love. All my anger outbursts, snarky remarks, and unkind comments were a plea for help from one who was drowning in fear.

Love was my answer.

Here’s the one realization that changed everything for me: I was willing to believe that there was no hatred, no hurt, no anger, and no fear that I had that couldn’t be met and healed by Love if I was willing to let Love rule my heart. I was willing to let Spirit guide me there.

Now, I have the absolute JOY of sharing with others.

In the past month, I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of talking 1-on-1 with folks in Masterful Living this year. We do end of the year sessions where we meet one on one so I can learn about how they’re doing three times per year. For the most part, our conversations at this time of year are harvest and a celebration.

Sometimes when I hear the breakthroughs, shifts, changes, healing, and transformation that they’ve gone through and the healing in their family, their body, their workplace, I cannot help but join them in tears of gratitude.

This is the power of Self-Love and compassion. Love is the answer.

Compassion is Love for those who have temporarily lost touch with their Divine Nature.

When I live compassionately, then I am a healing presence wherever I go and I KNOW it. I feel it. In our society, we’re taught that it’s not easy to have compassion, but I am here to tell you that it is much easier to have compassion than it is to be filled with resentment. I know, because I’ve hated those who were angry and cruel to me. I’ve hated myself for not doing better. I’ve worked with it for many, many years. In a sense, it is my life’s work.

The healing power of Love never ceases to amaze me and blow me away.

If you think that your situation is beyond hope, I can tell you that I’ve felt that way, and I have worked with so many others who have felt that way. It’s not the bottom. Giving up is the bottom.

Love never gives up on us. Let’s not give up on Love. Love is the answer.
Love is our healer.

Compassion is loving understanding.

And this is the place to take a stand for the holidays. There’s a power in being completely committed to being compassionate during this time of celebrating Christ.

Living compassionately requires a deep commitment. Every day, I’m still discovering the answer to the question “How do I BE the Peace I’d like to see in the world, and in my family, in my workplace?”

Over and over again, the answer comes when I am offered the opportunity to prove my commitment to Peace by choosing compassion.

Initially, it was very challenging. There are still times when I have to be with myself for a moment before I can trade compassion for judgments, but that is more and more rare and I’m grateful.

For more than thirty years, I’ve cultivated a practice of looking deeply into anger to find where I feel hurt. The answer to “How do I find compassion?” arrives when I look at the one who has been hurtful and see where they too have been hurt and their anger is a cry for my compassion. Anyone’s anger is evidence of their feelings of hurt and fear.

I mustn’t look away. My own healing lies in my ability to see with eyes of Love and extend the heart of compassion. Since Love is the healer, I allow Love to do the heavy lifting. All I have to do is show up, be awake and not run away, judge or defend. It’s not easy, but Love leads and I follow the path of Love.

This deep practice requires my willingness and my attention. It requires vigilance. There is a deep sense of Wholeness that accompanies increased my commitment to my practice of compassion. It reminds me that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose: to Love.

In my deepest heart-aching challenges, I’ve learned to ask: “What am I to do?” So often the answer is, “Extend the Love, be compassionate. Be willing to understand with the heart.” I’ve also had to ask myself “Why ask the question if I’m unwilling to hear the answer?” It has take tremendous discipline for me to stay and not run. And now, that discipline of Love is my strength. Love heals.

I used to have a practice of judgment and criticism. I was an expert and an authority on how to judge people. It was a very good place for me to start my practice of compassion. Today, when I look back I smile and think how profoundly I’ve changed, who knew? The Higher Holy Spirit Self knew.

I’m so deeply grateful that I made a commitment to a daily practice of loving compassion – including Self-compassion. It’s the road less traveled, but all of the people I meet on the road are beautiful. I answer their call for help with Love and they answer my call to find more ways to be compassionate.

Together we discover Love really is the ONLY answer that forever transforms and heals every aspect of our lives.

This is the kind of work we do in Masterful Living. It’s deeply healing to us individually and to the others around us because we share the same mind.

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