Recognizing Our Holiness

December 8, 2019
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We’re already as holy as holy can be.

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I love A Course in Miracles because it’s a mind-training system that really works. It has really worked for me – and it continues to bring me benefits every day. I’m not interested in studying it, I’m interested in discovering how to fully LIVE it.

The more I live it, the more peaceful I am and the better my relationships become. I am so grateful that we can undo even the most entrenched patterns of unworthiness and upset.

Look, there are times when the patterns and beliefs of negativity and unworthiness are super sticky. They can feel like they have a magnetic pull that is impossible to resist. We can tumble or collapse into self-sabotage and then feel like an utter failure, ashamed and despairing.

We can feel compelled to repeat the patterns that we fear. We’ll act out the very patterns that leave us feeling like a fool and we cannot seem to stop ourselves. The only conclusion can be that we are worthless or malformed in some way, but this is not true and will never be true.

We are pure perfection and we have come to believe otherwise, but a belief is not the truth. And only truth is true. The only truth is real.

That’s what I focus on – the practical application and living of the truth that sets us free. I don’t focus on the darkness anymore.

As we’re only a few weeks away from the start of a new year, I’m inviting you to consider a new approach to your spiritual life in 2020. Consider focusing on living your practice by embodying it and applying it, day by day, in a non-intellectual, truly heart-felt way for the express purpose of liberation from the false – that’s a goal we can aspire to.

It’s much easier to let go of any idea that we’re not perfect than it is to start with the belief that we’re imperfect trying to carve out the worst bits and fabricate some kind of perfection. No! Enough!

Let’s recognize the perfection is ALREADY THERE.

Studying the truth doesn’t set us free. Living the truth is liberation!

One of my favorite passages in the Course that lit me up when I first read it is this, (T-18.VII.4.)

This course … aims at saving time. You may be attempting to follow a very long road to the goal you have accepted. It is extremely difficult to reach Atonement by fighting against sin. Enormous effort is expended in the attempt to make holy what is hated and despised.

Nor is a lifetime of contemplation and long periods of meditation aimed at detachment from the body necessary. All such attempts will ultimately succeed because of their purpose.

Yet the means are tedious and very time consuming, for all of them look to the future for release from a state of present unworthiness and inadequacy.

Your way will be different, not in purpose but in means. A holy relationship is a means of saving time.

I love this passage because it reminds us that we’re already as holy as holy can be. We cannot become more holy. We’re already there if we’re willing to “release from a state of present unworthiness” now. This now. What’s the mechanism that helps us the most?

Holy relationship as a spiritual practice.

Our relationships are the thing that can really challenge us consistently, and this is where we can have the most opportunity to practice ACIM. Our relationships and our bodies both offer a constant opportunity for us to recognize where our thinking is stinking, and we can Partner UP and change our minds.

When we see the shifts and changes in our relationships, then we know it’s working. It’s so obvious and it’s wonderful to share the results with our loved ones through our relationships.

This is what we live, practice and demonstrate in my year-long Masterful Living Course. And that’s why most participants find that relationship healing is the #2 result they have during the year. The #1 result is a closer connection to Spirit and a basic spiritual practice that really works for them.

We don’t study ACIM in Masterful Living – we LIVE it. That’s our focus. Really truly living it – and you don’t have to even own a copy of the book to learn to live it.

It’s the living of this precious teaching that is liberating. Studying is to inspire us to apply it, and that requires us to be willing to recognize our perfection and see that same perfection in others, no matter what the appearance is, no matter what the failure or shortcoming seems to be.

And that IS challenging. And that is why we pray! We pray in order to turn it over and Partner UP so that we’re not going on our own steam anymore and we can see and feel miraculous results.

Anyone can see your holiness and their own if they wish to.

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Pray with me today. The Prayer for Today is for Recognizing Our Holiness. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

I am grateful for this path we’re on and our ability to take a step upon it!

Are you unsure about whether Masterful Living 2020 is right for you right now? Book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call. If you’re going to join us next year in the Masterful Living Course 2020, I encourage you to register early. Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation! Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!

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